Human nature really has some demanding ways. We are constantly wanting the things we cannot have or wanting the things that we know are bad for us. This poses a challenge and what do many of us do? Yes, you said it. We go after the challenge. We chase what we know isn’t good for us. We lose sight of our good morals and values ending up in some really messed up situations. We exhaust ourselves. And we put our faith in challenges that were never meant for us. This causes us to lose hope and most of us fall into distress. Basically, we cause our own storms then we want to act out when the rain comes pouring down almost drowning us. We receive so many signs where the things we chase after is just wrong for us but we continue to indulge. The more we indulge, the more pain and disappointment we will receive. We can act like kids and blame John or Jane for the pain we feel but to keep it real – it is “us” who cause our own pain. In other words, we sometimes self-inflict pain upon ourselves. We know that the pot is on the stove. We see that the pot is smoking. Our hands can feel the heat. But human nature! We go and touch it anyway. And what happens? We get burned or scorched. We curse at the pot knowing that we KNEW it was hot. This is exactly what we do when we constantly want things we cannot have or the things that we know is bad for us. Wanting something we cannot have causes us to live in consistent disappointment. We chase and chase knowing deep down we will never catch it. And we look like fools chasing after it. Wanting the things that are bad for us does nothing but tear us down and drain us emotionally, physically, spiritually and sometimes, financially. It’s almost like we are drinking poison knowing that it is going to kill us. And again, we look like fools indulging in anything that is bad for us. The best challenge we can chase after is becoming a better version of ourselves each day. When we become better, our lives get better and we can deal with whatever life brings better. In order to become a better version of ourselves, we must chase after God. He can be caught and He is good to us and for us. God is the Author of “Being Better.” He can bring all of the RIGHT people and things into our lives. God’s Word reminds us, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need” (Matthew 6:33 NLT). Be Blessed. –S.L.M.



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