Pray for discernment when listening to the advice of others. Look at the way they live. Pay attention to their behavior. A great thing that I have ever done was listen to my own advice. My own advice lead me to knowing that God’s Advice is the Best Advice. Once I made peace with who I really was in the mirror, my reflection started to change. I took heed to the encouragement that I gave to others. I embraced the truth that I spoke to others. In the process of helping others, I helped myself. God helped me to help myself through others. I am grateful for that. Some people in this world will give you great advice and will help with anything you may be going through. You can vent to them and what you say is never repeated. These are God-sent people. Then there are those who give you the type of advice that you THINK will help you but it will only DESTROY you. They won’t help with you with anything that you are going through, only enough to get a status on what’s going in your life. When you vent to these people, the things you spoke will be spread with twists and turns. And most of them will possess a lifestyle that is far from in order. When you go through trials and need to vent, vent to Jesus. Pray and ask Him to send earthly beings into your life that you can trust and also ask God for the discernment to know who they are. They are out there. I have some great ones in my life and am thankful for them. I told God at one time that I regret venting my pain and frustration to many people the last few years. I almost hated myself for it. But God awakened me to the reality that I did exactly what He wanted me to do and that was realize who was FOR me and who was really AGAINST me. He showed me that I did well exposing my weaknesses to them because NOW, they see how far I have come because of HIM. They see my strength now. And He sent some great people in my life. So when you are going through difficult times or need to make decisions, vent it to GOD first. Take in what He shows or tells you. He will give you the advice you need.James 1:5 tells us, “If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him.” –S.L.M.


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