I was talking to someone about the Super Bowl last night.  There were so much ruckus about many being for the Atlanta Falcons taking place among others. There was talk about no one really caring that much for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots. To keep it real, both are great teams. It doesn’t matter how some view Tom Brady. The fact is – the New England Patriots won. But many are still criticizing Tom Brady along with the entire team. Now let’s take this to the other side. Isn’t this the way some of us act when others seem to be better off than we are. Isn’t this the way we act because others appear to be “winning” in life but some of us feel like we are “stuck” or “losing” in life? We can be some selfish and jealous human beings at times. Tell the truth and shame the devil! Focus on persevering in your own life and do so with the Lord as Your Guide. Once you do, you will not have any precious time to be criticizing or pouring negative judgment on someone else’s perseverance in their life. If someone seems to have it all, be happy for them and know that you can have just as much or more if you do the same. Victory belongs to the Lord and those who operate with Him on their side will persevere to that victory. Be Blessed.  -S.L.M. “The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD” (Proverbs 21:31).



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