This Christmas, many will be focused how many gifts they get, what they are and what they cost. Many will be focused on spending time with family and friends. Blessed are the ones who know that the Greatest Gift is Jesus. He walks with us every day. He loves us despite all of our flaws. The Greatest Gift can live inside of you if you allow Him to. He brings joy. He comforts. He provides. And His Love is like no other. I am so thankful at the many blessings Jesus pours on me each day. The last past two years have been trying but Jesus has coached me through it. I felt as though I was trapped in the valley but God sent His Son to lead me out. I am still breathing and as long as I am, I know that God is not done with me yet. Situations that I thought could only get worse turned out to get better. Tears turned in the joy. Giving up turned into perseverance. That’s the Power of Jesus. Try Him! He is the Greatest Gift because He is Great. This Christmas, enjoy family, friends and gifts but make sure you embrace the Greatest Gift which is Jesus. Allow Him to live in your heart always. Lord, thank You for Your Son. Be Blessed. – S.L.M.



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