I am one to counsel heavily on taking heed to the advice of others or listening to their opinions for this was my weakness. But now that I am stronger and wiser, I honestly do feel that a person really needs to pray about who they are confiding in because every listening ear DOES NOT have your best interest at heart. If they did, what you tell them will never go no further than the two of you and the walls that surround you. Unfortunately, we live in a world where many people have mouths with running shoes. And the path these mouths travel have many twists and turns. That is why by the time things get back to you, it all drawn out of proportion. In your face, you may think you see a concern from another but as soon as they are out of sight, so is that concern for you. I used to be amazed at how many were praying for my downfall but as time and wisdom progressed, I am not amazed at all. The ones who pretend to be FOR you can actually be AGAINST you. Don’t get so caught up in your emotions that you become blind to this reality. God can keep you from that blindness. He will help you to discern these people in your life. Our assumptions will not compare to God’s Wisdom. With whatever you are going through, take it to GOD first. And if it is earthly beings that you need in your life to get through, He will send them. When He does, you will know. God will let you know. I can testify that God is The Greatest Friend. He is a Healer and a Comforter like no other. On this Thanksgiving, be thankful for the Great Friend you have in Jesus!




  1. So true! For us to pray for discernment when it comes to sharing our personal walk and our struggles. God will definitely guide us to people we can trust. One factor for me is how willing are they to pray with me and for me and would I do the same for them? “Mouths with running shoes” is awesome and could be a cool drawing to go with this post. Thank you!


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