What you are going through can often have a huge effect on your mood for the day or the attitudes you reflect upon others. Sometimes the things you go through carry much weight, almost dragging you down to the ground. You can be experiencing much confusion, frustration and bitterness. If you are going to bed with these feelings, more than likely you will wake up with them. When you wake up with them, you hand your day over to these feelings and your mind focuses on what you are going through. Why? Because you are allowing what you are going through to control you. You have tunnel vision because you are focused on your issues. You go so far as to taking it out on others as well. Quit wasting your days in misery and running good people away! Don’t focus on your problems but focus on the PROBLEM SOLVER. You are not in your storm by yourself. I know you feel like you are. I know the pain is so heavy inside of you right now but my brother or sister, you have got to call out to THE ONE who can restore you with better days. You can’t get over what you are going through on your own by following your own ways. You must allow God’s way to enter into your life. Allow God to mold your thinking and your emotions so that you can withstand the storm that you are in. God is YOUR SHELTER so seek Him! God wants to help restore your broken spirit. If you want to get through whatever you are facing right now, take the first step in giving God control of the situation. -S.L.M.



  1. For sure as you write, God does want to restore broken spirits. One of the pastors in my church sees himself as an ” encourager ” which he really is! Encouragement can make such a difference….it is so cool he has chosen to live out that definition! Another great post! Thank you!


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