Whatever you do, do it for the Lord with all of your heart. Many will be inspired by what you do for the Lord; some will not be inspired. Many will help you and support you as long as they can; some will only find fault in all that you do. Many will see your spiritual growth and you will be a shining light to guide them out of a dark valley; some won’t see anything but the worst and will never take heed to anything you do or say. None of us are perfect and even though you may tell others that, they will still think that all you do or say is based on “your perfections.” They will view you as trying to be “better than them.” They will say that you are using God and you are nothing but a phony. These are the people that you leave in God’s hands. Only God and you know what you have been called to do so you do it with all of your heart. There are people in this world who needs to hear what you are saying and see what you are doing in your life. These are the people who are inspired by you. They see GOD in you. Don’t fail them just as God hasn’t failed you. Don’t swallow the insulting comments and remarks from the others about what you are doing for the Lord. Just focus on helping God’s people – the ones who will embrace what you are doing. After all, you are doing it for the Lord. No, you won’t be ever be perfect but do what you do with all of your heart.  You may fail on some days. You may get weary on some days. When it starts becoming unbearable, call out to God because He knows. “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people” (Colossians 3:23 NLT).




  1. Great reminder! As we discover Gods purpose for our lives and are obedient to His calling we can make a difference! The key is “with all of our heart”. That is often a tough one for me in terms of the percentage of effort I put into something!


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