My mother always told me that “if you go looking for something, you will indeed find it and it will be more than you can bear.” I look back over my life and I can honestly say – SHE TOLD THE FLAT OUT TRUTH! We are all guilty of getting curious and we want to know what we what to know when we want to know it. And how others give it to us can be way more than what we can bear. Sometimes, we get fed the truth and it slaps us so hard that it feels like our head is about to fall off of our bodies. Sometimes, we get fed lies that seem so real and we become numb to the fact that it isn’t even the truth. And other times, we get fed both lies and truth causing us to still be confused and starving for clarity. From my own experience, I know that the best revealer of truth is GOD because He is truth. 

If you are in a situation right now where you are wondering who, what, when, where, why and how…..take it to God in prayer. Don’t take it to Sally, Sue, Rick, or Bob because they just may end up laughing at you when you are all broken and in tears. Don’t take it to a level where you feel the need to do things yourself because you will end up getting more lies than the truth. Take it to God in prayer and ask God for strength to endure whatever He is going to show you. Sometimes, we end up breaking our own selves because we want to know things right then and there instead of waiting on God. You may ask, “Well, what do I do while I wait on God because I am in pain from not knowing?” I will tell you what to do……you keep praying and you keep living. As long as God keeps waking you up, face each day with His Strength and Love. Have trust in God’s timing. And here’s the awesome part……when God reveals to you what you need to know, He will also give you the strength to endure it and the wisdom to handle it. So before you run off looking for something that just may cause you more pain in the long run, hand it over to God in prayer. And while you wait on God, trust and believe. Be Blessed. -S.L.M.


What you are going through can often have a huge effect on your mood for the day or the attitudes you reflect upon others. Sometimes the things you go through carry much weight, almost dragging you down to the ground. You can be experiencing much confusion, frustration and bitterness. If you are going to bed with these feelings, more than likely you will wake up with them. When you wake up with them, you hand your day over to these feelings and your mind focuses on what you are going through. Why? Because you are allowing what you are going through to control you. You have tunnel vision because you are focused on your issues. You go so far as to taking it out on others as well. Quit wasting your days in misery and running good people away! Don’t focus on your problems but focus on the PROBLEM SOLVER. You are not in your storm by yourself. I know you feel like you are. I know the pain is so heavy inside of you right now but my brother or sister, you have got to call out to THE ONE who can restore you with better days. You can’t get over what you are going through on your own by following your own ways. You must allow God’s way to enter into your life. Allow God to mold your thinking and your emotions so that you can withstand the storm that you are in. God is YOUR SHELTER so seek Him! God wants to help restore your broken spirit. If you want to get through whatever you are facing right now, take the first step in giving God control of the situation. -S.L.M.


Many who find themselves parenting alone call themselves “single” parents. I have as well. But when you really look at this closely, you are not a “single” parent. God is with you always. The struggles you have in parenting doesn’t go unseen by God. It never does. He knows and sees it all. God knows how you are struggling with bills and at the same time, you want to take your children out to a movie or to get pizza. God hears you at night when you are crying wondering how you are going to send field trip money to school tomorrow but at the same time, you need gas in your vehicle to go to work. God knows how hurt you are knowing the other parent is not in your child’s life at all helping out like they should. God knows. This is a time where you need to reach out to God even more. Depend on Him for EVERYTHING. He will never fail you. Pray over your children at night and in the morning. Pray for them during the day. Ask God to bring true Christians in your life that will help support and mentor to you and your children. God will do it. Some days, it may seem like He doesn’t hear because matters are getting worse in your household but He is listening and trust that He is working it out for your family. Tell God about the type of earthly help you need regarding your kids. Although He already knows, it is good to speak it out to Him.

You may find yourself getting all bent out of shape when the other parent is doing more for his/her other children and not yours. That is a mind trick of the enemy to keep you frustrated. Your priority is YOUR children. Do YOUR part with YOUR children and God will do the rest. How do you this? You do it by being the very best parent that you can be with all that you have. So many are caught up in doing the things that cost a lot of money but there are things to do that are free. Take them to park and run around with them….that is free. Have a picnic with them in the front yard or at the park……that is free. Take them to church so that they can learn about the TRUE FATHER….that is free. If your kids are older, trying cooking together…..that is free (hopefully, the food won’t cost a lot). Go for walks together…that is free. Listen to them when they need to talk…..that is free. There are many things that you can do with your children that doesn’t even spending a lot of money. And guess who is with you while you are doing all of this? GOD is with you so you are not alone nor are you a single parent. When the other parent has other children he/she is taking care of and not doing right by yours, I know it hurts. And God knows it, too. Allow God to deal with that other parent. Don’t indulge in envy, jealousy or anger because of it. These things are mind tricks brought on by the devil. These things will prevent you from being the best parent you can be towards your own children. Stay focused on your own without any desire to compete with others. When you stay focused on that and placed dependency in God, you will see better days.  You will successfully endure on those bad and weary days because your faith is in God and not man.

As for as finances, I honestly despise when the state has to step in and make a man/woman take care of their children but if you have made every attempt to ask for help from that other parent regarding your children, ask God for guidance in the matter and these attempts keep failing….then perhaps, God is showing you that you must do what you have to do to get the help you need for your children. Some parents choose child support out of spite; others do it because they have no other choice. You and God know what your situation may be and if you seek Him for answers regarding what to do, He will give it to you. My heart goes out to all who are raising their kids on their own. Some have great help; others do not. And it gets trying. People who have no children may give great advice but until they actually walk in the shoes of someone who has children, they can’t honestly relate. I am the mother of five children and I am not married.  I do have earthly support but not as much as I would like to have. But I am so thankful for God being in my life. Earthly support is great but GOD is so much greater. So, to the ones who are calling themselves “single” parents, do know that you are not alone. Tell God what you feel and what you desire, have faith that He will provide because He will. Keep Him first in all things and make sure that your children know about The Lord and His power. Many children are taught about so many things in regards to surviving in this life and sad to say, most of the time, God isn’t even included. So make sure that your children know about God. It doesn’t matter if children is raised up in a one-parent and two-parent household, they need to know about the TRUE FATHER. As I pray for all of you, keep me and my children in your prayers as well. Be Blessed.



Whatever you do, do it for the Lord with all of your heart. Many will be inspired by what you do for the Lord; some will not be inspired. Many will help you and support you as long as they can; some will only find fault in all that you do. Many will see your spiritual growth and you will be a shining light to guide them out of a dark valley; some won’t see anything but the worst and will never take heed to anything you do or say. None of us are perfect and even though you may tell others that, they will still think that all you do or say is based on “your perfections.” They will view you as trying to be “better than them.” They will say that you are using God and you are nothing but a phony. These are the people that you leave in God’s hands. Only God and you know what you have been called to do so you do it with all of your heart. There are people in this world who needs to hear what you are saying and see what you are doing in your life. These are the people who are inspired by you. They see GOD in you. Don’t fail them just as God hasn’t failed you. Don’t swallow the insulting comments and remarks from the others about what you are doing for the Lord. Just focus on helping God’s people – the ones who will embrace what you are doing. After all, you are doing it for the Lord. No, you won’t be ever be perfect but do what you do with all of your heart.  You may fail on some days. You may get weary on some days. When it starts becoming unbearable, call out to God because He knows. “Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people” (Colossians 3:23 NLT).