True healing takes time. Some of us lose sight of this. I even lost sight of this when encouraging others. What you may get over in a month, it may take another an entire year or more to get over it. Pain has a different effect on each one of us. I have come to despise when someone tells another person, “Oh, just let it go. Get over it already.” I feel that it is disrespectful to say that to ANYONE when you honestly don’t know what that person feels. Even if you have been in a similar situation, that person feels pain differently from you. How dare any of us say this to anybody without acknowledging how deep pain can travel? True healing comes from God. In order for healing to be complete, God has to have His hand in it. So telling someone to “get over it already” is basically rushing God. And we all know that God moves on His own time when dealing with each one of us. Everyone should be remindful of that. Life causes us to grieve over different situations in different ways. We really don’t know what another feels. So be careful when you are telling people just to “let it go already” because we don’t the extent of their pain. Some of us couldn’t even survive what another person is dealing with or have dealt with if the shoes were on our feet. So I, myself, stand in correction regarding this when dealing with encouraging others.

Most of us are quite aware of the phrase, “Let Go and Let God.” I have used it many of times in my writings. And yes this is definitely true. But where we go wrong at is not acknowledging that it takes time for some people to get to that point. That is where our prayers for others come in at. Instead of hearing someone vent and you responding with “You need to just let it go”, try responding with, “I am praying for you.” When we pray for others, God stirs that release up in their life. Healing is God thing. None of us can rush God. I can only imagine how many times a person who is experiencing pain wants to literally punch someone in the face when they tell them to “let it go.” Just keeping it real. If you are one who is dealing with something today and others are in your face pushing, “You should just let it go”, take a deep breath, grab a hold of God’s hand and tell them to let their pushiness go because God has you. If you are one that is constantly walking around telling others to “let it go” although you see it is best to – stop, recognize the power of God, pray for that person and let God do what He needs to do in that person’s life. Sometimes, our words can drive people further in distress without us realizing. It is better to pray for them and with them so that hurting people can experience true healing by the hands of a True Healer – GOD.




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