A man was praying for a wife and God lead Him to see a woman. This man watched this woman being broke down piece by piece. God allowed Him to see. The man watched this woman struggle so bad. Her tears touched the man’s soul. The man asked God, “Why are you allowing me to see such brokenness in a woman? I can’t stand this. It is painful to see. This can’t be the woman for me.” God told the man, “I am allowing her to go through the very worst so she will recognize the best.” As the man watched the woman, tears began to form in his eyes. His heart went out to her. He wanted to help her. His love for her developed immediately. The man looked at God and said, “She is beautiful and I don’t want to see her in pain anymore. God, please let me help her.” God told the man, “She is already yours. This will be your wife. I allowed you to see her pain first so that you will do everything possible to make sure she never sees this broken place again. I wanted you to see her beauty in the midst of her pain. Only my BEST can see that in others who are hurting. This woman is precious I  my eyes and I have been watching over her.” The man looked at God and asked, “Father, can I have your permission to go to her right now?” And GOD looked at the BEST He had chosen and said, “Yes my son, you may go her.” Ladies that is what a true Boaz  will do. He will ask God’s permission first before even pursuing you.

-Written by Stacy L.  Montgomery



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