Sometimes, the one who you had to leave will go on with their life and you may still be shattered into pieces. The person who still holds the key to your heart may now be in a new relationship, possibly heading to marriage. Or maybe the person is already married. You may be appalled at the fact that you were never good enough. You may feel tinged with jealousy and rage but deep down you know you can’t do anything about it. It is a rejection that literally punches big holes in your heart knowing you did all of the good you could only for it not to be enough. You feel like that person literally came like a thief in the night, stole your heart and left. It is at this point, that you need to place your ENTIRE HEART in the hands of God. You are in need of major reconstruction. When we are fooled by the wolves in sheep’s clothing, we lose sight of waiting for the person God has for us. We take in what is pleasing to the eye and then our ears listens willingly to the fake charm. Then our flesh gives in leaving us in a chaotic mess. We have allowed the wolf to rip us into pieces and now, the wolf has gone on with a smile on its’ face. You are left shattered. The reason you are feeling this way is because you haven’t let go of bitterness.

You must replace bitterness with grace and forgiveness. Harboring bitterness will only make you resentful and allow that other person to be in control of your feelings and actions. Grace and forgiveness releases you. You can’t get to that point alone so you will need God’s help. He can heal you and show you the path to take when it all hurts so badly. Turn to Him and cooperate with the grace God gives because you, yourself, know that God grants grace to you even though you may not deserve it. Jesus said in John 12:46,”I have come to into the worlds as light, so that no one who believes in me should stay in darkness.” Giving others that hurt you grace and forgiveness releases the shackles of bitterness from you. And just hold to God’s hand because He will lead you to the person that He has for you. You will then know why it didn’t work out with the person you thought you truly loved. Be Blessed. -S.L.M.





  1. Nice message! I struggle quite a bit with self-forgiveness….way to hard on myself and hanging on to what is and should be long gone! Thank you for sharing your walk of faith. I pray for your walk to be filled with God’s love, mercy and grace!

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