Moving past pain can be a very difficult task. You are stuck with memories and desires to want to go back. You have been use to what is familiar and you don’t welcome change easily. Hold your head up because it is quite normal for you to feel this way. Letting go of someone you love isn’t easy rather it is due to breakup, divorce or death. That was your life for so long. It was so familiar. But now, it’s gone and you have to move on. Putting one leg in front of the other just to walk becomes a difficult task. Opening your eyes in the mornings can be a difficult task. If you could, you would rather lay in bed all day in a cool room with darkness. You eat too much or too little. Your heart weighs ten tons. Hurting is just what it is…..hurting. Sometimes, it will take you throwing yourself on the floor crying out to God for strength. Sometimes, it will take you calling out to God in your vehicle while tears stream down your face. Sometimes, it will take rushing to the restroom during your work breaks and crying out to God. Whatever it takes, to move past the pain, as long as God is in it, do it. Your tears aren’t a sign of weakness; they are a sign of strength because you desire to release the pain instead of holding it inside. God sees every one of your tears. God hears your cries. God knows your heart. Release all of that pain into His hands so He can help you move past the pain. Take one day at a time with Jesus, and it will get better. Allow Him to work in your life. Obsessing over memories and desires will only cause you to hurt more. It is like stabbing your own heart time and time again watching it bleed. Don’t do that to yourself. God wants to help you move past all of this. He will place people in your life to help you and you will know that they are God-sent. Draw closer to Him and He will draw closer to you. There is no other satisfying way to move past pain other than allowing the Lord to help and guide you. “Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you” (1 Peter 5:7). Be Blessed. – S.L.M.

past pain



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