…..And she found herself broken. Her heart and life was shattered into pieces. She felt worthless and like no one cared. She fell to her knees screaming in emotional pain. Minute by minute, she felt life escaping her body. She didn’t fight it. She laid on the floor in darkness feeling cold allowing life to escape from her.  She had no energy. She closed her eyes. She gave up.

                             …..Out of nowhere, a warm, bright light came shining through. The light was so warm. It felt like something was putting life back into her bit by bit. The light shined so brightly. It was almost like the light was speaking to her and telling her to get up. She felt energy. She began to stand up. Her heart felt lighter, like it was new. She looked down and seen all of the shattered pieces of her old heart on the ground.

…..The light called to her telling her to walk forward. She stood there looking at the shattered pieces on the floor. Then she looked around her at the darkness. The light beckoned to her again and she took a step forward. Then another step. She kept walking towards the light. Every step got stronger. She began to feel whole again. She saw her worth again.

…..She found herself in the light.




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