Have you ever been in a situation where you hurt someone and had to desire to explain your actions or the words in which you did or said AFTER a situation was over with, said and done? Perhaps the person didn’t want to hear it or maybe your words were twisted and the person made you look like a fool. And perhaps, you attempted to apologize again and explain from the heart but they didn’t care not one bit. I think we all experience these situations from time to time. Unfortunately, some people can’t feel what you are feeling. They won’t be able to label your apology or explanations as genuine. It’s life. And we all have to accept the decision of others. We may not like it. It may hurt. But we have to accept it. There are some situations in life where you must be silent, walk away and let God have the last word. You probably did meant to do that certain thing but you did. You probably didn’t mean to say those hurtful things but you did. And although you are genuinely sorry, many will not take it that way. Don’t try to force an apology; just let God have the last word. I have been there. I have jumped in my emotions. I have spoken and did things out of anger. God convicted me and I knew I needed to apologize. And when I did, the damage was already done. A concern for an apology wasn’t of any concern. This is what makes you feel and look like a fool. Once you have said that you are sorry and actually meant it, stop right there. Let it go and don’t pick the situation back up again. If you go back and pick it up, words will get thrown back and forth. Sometimes the explanation you desire to give will be like a boomerang and it will come back to hit you hard in the face. Let God have the last word. If something is over, let it be over. Don’t go back trying to explain anything because it’s over. Let God have the last word. Going back and trying to explain something is like taking a knife and pretty much stabbing your own self. You will cause your own self to bleed pain. Yes, people are difficult but that is not your problem; that is God’s problem. And He will fix it. In other words, God has the right to have the last word. When we give the last words, we mess things up really bad. “To humans belong the plans of the heart, but from the LORD comes the proper answer of the tongue” (Proverbs 16:1 NIV).  Be Blessed.

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