In high school, I never thought about working future jobs that I hated, having more than two children, not being happily married or getting my heart broke over and over again. My dreams, then, were the opposite. I wanted the happy job, the happy marriage, the two kids, and the house with the white picket fence, a decent vehicle and a dog. That was my dream. Somewhere in between graduating high school, going to college, and getting involved with guys too soon too deep, I dropped my dream. I went in a totally opposite direction in life. My mom had always instilled God in me. My mom kept me in church. I sang the hymns, participated in every church function, prayed, learned bible verses and did everything that involved church. And it was fun. My mom taught me right from wrong. She warned me of things. She did her part. Then, life happened. And I rebelled. And kept rebelling. I wasn’t loud with my rebellion; I was quiet and sneaky with it. But no matter how much trouble I got myself in, my parents never turned their backs on me. Yes, they were upset but they loved me still. And my mother prayed for me and she still prays for me today.

That is how we are. Many of us go to church and we participate. We have God in us and for a while, life goes smoothly. When it gets rough, we pray and endure. Then some of us start getting tired. Some of us get sidetracked. Some of us get mesmerized by the attractions and temptations of the world. Before long, we are walking into rebellion. When we walk into rebellion, we start feeling too tired to go to church. We don’t want to participate in church functions. We would rather find something else to keep us entertained. We begin to act differently and speak differently. We become slaves to the world. We get ourselves into all types of rough situations and trouble but God still loves us. God still calls out us. He doesn’t love us any less. Many will become wise enough to return to God. I did. And I am glad that I did. If you have rebelled against God and doing right, you still have a chance to return to God. Surrender to Him while you still have breath in your body. God’s way is the best way in life. Be Blessed.




  1. Great post and reminder! I love the part about your Mom…tell her hello for me …how she kept you in church and continually prayers for you no matter where you were or are on your walk of faith! Wonderful reminder for parents and parents to be!

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