She became tired of his lies and manipulation,
And fed up with the confusion and frustration.
God had shown her many times of his deceit;
But she chose to remain naïve and weak.
He hurt her over and over again, year after year;
And her bed was drowned by her shedding tears.
God couldn’t stand seeing his child hurt anymore
And He picked up her broken heart that was sore.
He began to mend her heart and ease the pain she held;
And one by one, He began to wipe away her tears that fell.
He opened her eyes so that she could see the sun;
The feeling was warm giving she had no desire to run.
God lifted her up and she had no choice but to see His face;
And with Him by her side, she gained more strength each day.
She became dependent on God for her trust in Him was secure;
All because of Him being there, she was able to endure.
She no longer stood in the midst of brokenness and denial;
Submitting to God had made her entire life worthwhile.

One day while walking with God, she looked up to Him and said:
“Thank you God for a new beginning because I could be dead.”
God smiled and He comforted her more as His voice spoke:
“The devil asked if He could have you but I told him, NO.”
-Stacy L. Montgomery






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