Mastering the art of smiling through it all is strength. I have almost mastered it. There are some situations that are simply beyond our control. There are some people who will never understand you, accept you or love you. There are some places you just can’t go. There are some things you just can’t do. There some things you just can’t have. Why get mad about the things when you simply have no power of them? Why make your days long and dreary? Why allow your face to carry a frown? You can’t control everything! You can’t control everyone! I can’t control everything and everyone! But we can control our reaction to these things. We can just smile. We all know that a smile goes a very long way. Smiling is an action. Since actions become habits, that means smiling can turn habitual. Smiling on the outside should shake what’s on the inside and prayerfully, you will begin to smile on the inside, too. Frowning or having a displeasing look on our faces because of certain situations does us no good. Just let it go and put your smiling face on! It is going to get better. It won’t rain forever! You are going to be alright! I am going to be alright! Smiling through it all shows strength. Smiling places you in a better mood. Smiling relieves stress and tension. Smiling lessens the pain. Brighter days are head! We just have to focus on the good and let go of complaining. Job stated in Job 9:27 (NIV), “If I decided to forget my complaints, to put away my sad face and be cheerful.” And many of know the story of Job in the Bible. He went through a lot of suffering. So surely, if Job can smile so can we. Be Blessed. – S.L.M.




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