A woman once told me, “I feel bad for you because your mate cheated on you with me.” I don’t know what the intentions of these words from her was for me but I remained silent. A wise woman does. I could have retaliated but the Holy Spirit alerted me of a truth. About year ago, an older and wise Christian woman told me that a man does not nothing for a woman until he places a ring on her finger and makes that woman his wife. Until that moment comes, that man can still do what he wants to do. That man is not yours and you do not belong to him until he marries you. These words in which this Christian woman spoke stayed with me. So when I was told that this other lady feels bad for me because my mate cheated on me with her, I remained silent. He wasn’t mine. And he wasn’t hers. I didn’t wear a wedding ring on my finger and neither did she. This man simply didn’t belong to either one of us. So why even attempt to defend someone who isn’t yours? And the truth was that NEITHER ONE OF US BELONGED TO THIS MAN….EVER. This man was basically free to do whatever he wanted with whomever he chose to do it with. So basically, if she was feeling bad for me, she should have been feeling bad for herself as well. Obviously, neither one of us was the “chosen” one for him. Sometimes, when you know what you know, it is best to just remain silent.

Silence speaks volumes. In many situations in life, silence can be a powerful source of wisdom. It is my experience that when God shows you things and you begin to understand these things, you will know when, where and how to react to these things. If you don’t take heed to what God shows you and don’t attempt to understand, you can end up making yourself look like a fool by the way in which you react. Silence is sometimes, the best reaction in certain situations. Silence is by no means weakness but it is a sign of strength when used wisely. Wisdom is the key. We can know all we want to but we must apply wisdom with our knowledge. On that day the woman told me that, I was silent because I recalled what that older Christian woman had told me which was pure truth. Yes, that truth hurt but it was the absolute truth. I had knowledge of what the older lady advised. I then applied wisdom to that knowledge and remained silent. When the truth was staring right at me (neither one of wearing a wedding ring), I didn’t need to say anything.

The Holy Spirit is a great Traffic Light when dealing with situations like these. The Holy Spirit will speak to you and let you know when to speak, to slow down and think, or to be silent. Listen for the Holy Spirit. “Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues” (Proverbs 17:28 NLT). Be Blessed. – S.L.M.




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