I was in a relationship for eight years. We all know that a relationship involves two people. The relationship I was in had so many other people in it. Some were invited and some invited themselves. When it ended, I called it a LOST; but, actually it was a GAIN. I gained much wisdom. I gained much strength. I gained THE LORD. In these eight years, I grew. Although I didn’t grow the way many wanted me to, I grew in a powerful way. I would write about God, talk about God and do my best in staying in the walk with God. Yet, I was condemned. I was criticized. I was called a phony. I was laughed at by others and still am. Those who I helped out of kindness only took it for granted. Those who offered me encouragement turned around and talked about me like I was nothing. They called me weak and dumb. But I feel that God allowed me to go through all of that so that I can know the true power of my strength. And my strength is in Him. I, too, had to acknowledge my selfish ways in regards to thinking I could change a person when that is God’s job. I reaped distress because of that. Only God helped me to hold my head high. Only God truly comforted me during the time that lies encircled my ears. Only God dried my tears when the truth was exposed in such a revolting manner. God kept me and He is still keeping me. Everything that I came to know about God and wrote about God in these past eight years still stands. I have talked it for so long and now God is allowing me to walk it. And with my hand in His, I will walk it. I don’t have to worry about revenge because God will take care of those who did me wrong and played a part in doing me wrong. I don’t have to worry about the care of my children because God is THEIR FATHER as well. God knows my heart. He knows that I am good. I am His Daughter. His Love, His Protection and His Comfort surrounds me. I am reminded of how Jesus hung on the cross with His hands and His feet nailed to it. I am reminded of how the crowd was blaspheming and mocking Him. I am reminded of those words that Jesus spoke as he looked down at all of these people. He said, “Father, forgive them for they do not know what they are doing” (Luke 23:34). I asked God’s forgiveness of my efforts of trying to change and please others. I asked God’s forgiveness of my weakness when others began to mock and criticize me. And because there are still some who choose to be arrogant, bitter and evil, I pray to God, “Father, forgive them for they do know what they are doing.” – S.L.M.





  1. It is all in part of taking up a cross daily. Many people will never come to understand that even through the pain of trials, there is always something better waiting on the other side. Keep your head up and trust you are on the right path.


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