Ah! What about those that we encounter who are simply toxic beings? These people boast lies loudly, have the utmost form of arrogance, look down on others and find every flaw that lies within you. These people can dish out rejection. These people can dish out slander. These people can dish out their own false image. But when the consequences of what they are dishing out causes you to walk away, there is a problem. And in their eyes, the problem will always be YOU. If you are one who wants to do your best in living right, talking right and walking right, a toxic person is one that you do don’t want to become entangled with. The dish that they are trying to serve you will not be one that is appetizing. It will be one with a very displeasing and bitter taste. Sometimes, you will just have to walk away from that dish that they are trying to give you. When it comes to your own sanity, just turn around and leave that person with that bitter dish in their hand. Rather they eat what they are trying to dish out or throw it away is none of your concern. At times, wisdom in a matter like this is walking away. Yes, there will be those who accept what others dish out negatively but you don’t have to be that one who accepts. Flock with those who are trying to better themselves in life. Flock with those who will offer a dish to fill your life’s appetite with good things. If someone is in the business of dishing stuff out to you, check the dish! If it don’t look right, if it don’t smell right, and if it doesn’t taste right, it probably isn’t right! Pray to God for discernment to know right from wrong especially when the wrong is camouflaged. Just because someone is dishing something bad out to you doesn’t mean you have to take it. Yes, you may love that person but if what they are dishing out to you isn’t appearing to be love from them, don’t take it. Taking stuff that is not good for you can cause you to fall in a pit of despair and sin. “But whoever has doubts is condemned if they eat, because their eating is not from faith; and everything that does not come from faith is sin” (Romans 14:23 NIV). – S.L.M.

dish out



4 thoughts on “WHEN THEY DISH IT OUT

  1. I once had to learn how to work for a very toxic and arrogant manager. It was a matter of survival so I kept looking around that office and decided who I would rather be like. I picked the man who cleaned the offices every night…he was very quiet and humble and just went about with a kind manner. It wasn’t easy to survive there but it was good to have such a drastic comparison and gentle person to admire.

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  2. I love that comparison. I have been there before as well…in the workplace. But me, I was rather weak-minded back then and I just up and quit! I could have gone about it in a better way, though. I went to lunch and never returned. But now that I know better, I do better.


  3. Yes, I had to throw that in there. Its like a wolf disguised as a sheep. A person may seem so sweet and gentle. A person may seem loving and caring. But behind that disguise, it is character so horrifying. Some people are very skilled at camouflaging their wrong ways. They put on a mask of good to kind of fool you….to throw you off…..to lure you into their grasp….to make you become a victim of the rotten ways they truly have. I could go on for days and days. I am in this predicament now! But we have to pray for them and it takes only allowing God to work with you to get to this point.


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