This is my first post on WordPress for the New Year. I kind of just took a break so I could rejuvenate. Last year, my writing focused mostly on pain because I felt pain. I put my trust in people and situations and betrayal embraced me. I thought the best of people but yet, I found them to be the worst of people. I felt like turning into a tornado and tearing up any and all that hurt me. But instead of retaliating, I poured that pain into my writing. So writing became my therapy. And along with God’s help, I experienced healing. This year, that healing has placed a bit more PEP into my writing. Hurting is a horrible place and my heart goes out to anyone who is experiencing any type of pain. In this New Year that has begun, I want to tell those who are hurting that there is relief and that relief comes through knowing a HEALER who can heal all. His name is Jesus. He can take what is broken and restore it. He can take what is dirty and make it clean again. He can take depression and turn into joy. And He can handle any and all who caused you pain. In the Bible, Jesus cured Peter’s mother-in-law of fever (Mark 1:30-31). Jesus casted out an unclean spirit (Mark 1:23-28). The same Jesus healed a leper (Mark 1:40-45). The very same Jesus calmed a storm (Matthew 8:23-27).  Jesus did this plus more so surely, surely, He can heal anyone of pain. I stand reminded of that in this New Year. And I want all who are hurting to stay reminded of this as well. Jesus can heal you. He can restore you. He can take all that the enemy meant for harm in your life and turn it into a major blessing. Take all of your pain and place into His hands and cry out to Him and place your faith in Him for HE IS THE HEALER. Give Jesus all of your days – both good and bad. Jesus can give you a peace like no other. I am so happy I have Jesus in this New Year! Are you? –S.L.M.

Jesus Can Heal


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