For a while, in my life, I wore rose-colored glasses but was very naïve to actual reality. I am not ashamed of admitting that because this experience taught me a valuable lesson. Because I stood naïve to so much and wore my rose-colored glasses when dealing with people and situations, I had my heart broken several times. I was disappointed several times. I was backstabbed several times. Several times. I saw “sweet” situations that were actually “sour” and those situations broke me down. I trusted certain people who clearly gave me signs that they couldn’t be trusted and they ended up hurting me badly and stabbing me in my back. Yes, I wore my rose-colored glasses but didn’t embrace the wisdom of reality. I didn’t see the warning signs. But eventually, experience got hectic and I felt some horrible pain. I snatched off those rose-colored glasses and became bitter. I was broken down to an important place – a place where I reached out to the Lord. When I grabbed His Hand, He gave me wisdom. I accepted it. Wisdom helped me to understand reality. And that reality was that – it is okay to wear rose-colored glasses because we should do our best in seeing THE BEST in everything rather good or bad, but we must wear the rose-colored glasses with God’s wisdom guiding and leading us. It took me a long time to understand that but I got it now. Better late than never. I could wear my rose-colored glasses but I didn’t need to be functioning in a naïve state while doing so; I needed to be functioning in wisdom. Applying this to my life has helped me to eliminate bitterness. Being broken down was the best thing that could have EVER happened to me. Why? Because I found GOD and GOD helped me to find myself.  When God gives me the warning signs of situations and certain people, I still keep on my rose-colored glasses. But wisdom alerts me to know what to do and not do or say concerning these certain situations or people. I still choose to see the best in both areas but at the same time, wisdom tells me to not go deep in trust with these situations or people. When a disaster occurs, I am unaffected thanks to wisdom. But those rose-colored glasses help me to pray for these situations or people and still treat them with kindness. So you see…wear rose-colored glasses isn’t bad; just remember to activate wisdom when doing so. –S.L.M.






  1. I have thought similar things, but you have articulated it nicely. I can love with the love of Christ, but trust with the wisdom of His Holy Spirit. (And really, only God Himself is 100% trustworthy at all times.)


  2. Stacy, may I offer a constructive editing tip? (love this post by the way). On screen, your post is showing up as one very long paragraph and as such is difficult to read. Maybe it’s just my computer. But you might want to check with some other people. I know I’ve had trouble sometimes with the editing that I do not showing up in the actual post. God bless and keep writing.

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