For a while, in my life, I wore rose-colored glasses but was very naïve to actual reality. I am not ashamed of admitting that because this experience taught me a valuable lesson. Because I stood naïve to so much and wore my rose-colored glasses when dealing with people and situations, I had my heart broken several times. I was disappointed several times. I was backstabbed several times. Several times. I saw “sweet” situations that were actually “sour” and those situations broke me down. I trusted certain people who clearly gave me signs that they couldn’t be trusted and they ended up hurting me badly and stabbing me in my back. Yes, I wore my rose-colored glasses but didn’t embrace the wisdom of reality. I didn’t see the warning signs. But eventually, experience got hectic and I felt some horrible pain. I snatched off those rose-colored glasses and became bitter. I was broken down to an important place – a place where I reached out to the Lord. When I grabbed His Hand, He gave me wisdom. I accepted it. Wisdom helped me to understand reality. And that reality was that – it is okay to wear rose-colored glasses because we should do our best in seeing THE BEST in everything rather good or bad, but we must wear the rose-colored glasses with God’s wisdom guiding and leading us. It took me a long time to understand that but I got it now. Better late than never. I could wear my rose-colored glasses but I didn’t need to be functioning in a naïve state while doing so; I needed to be functioning in wisdom. Applying this to my life has helped me to eliminate bitterness. Being broken down was the best thing that could have EVER happened to me. Why? Because I found GOD and GOD helped me to find myself.  When God gives me the warning signs of situations and certain people, I still keep on my rose-colored glasses. But wisdom alerts me to know what to do and not do or say concerning these certain situations or people. I still choose to see the best in both areas but at the same time, wisdom tells me to not go deep in trust with these situations or people. When a disaster occurs, I am unaffected thanks to wisdom. But those rose-colored glasses help me to pray for these situations or people and still treat them with kindness. So you see…wear rose-colored glasses isn’t bad; just remember to activate wisdom when doing so. –S.L.M.





When I was little and lived out of the city limits, my mom and dad would rake leaves into piles. I would run and jump in the leaves and play in the piles. But after clearing the yard, it would be time to burn those piles of leaves. Once the leaves were flaming with fire and smoking, my parents warned me to not go near the piles because I may fall into the pile and get burned. Well, I kind of tested them a couple of times by jumping around the piles. After that heat from that fire got to my pants’ legs, they didn’t have to tell me a third time! We operate like that in life. We tend to be okay in “safe” areas because we KNOW that it is safe. But then we confront areas that we know that are “unsafe.” We know this because we are warned that it isn’t safe and we see signs that it isn’t safe. BUT OH HOW OUR FLESH GETS US INTO TROUBLE! We get curious, hardheaded and fall victim to what our flesh wants. We forget about morals and integrity. We fall victim to doing what we want to. Before we know it, the FIRE of the unwise decisions we made starts getting to us. The FIRE starts causing us pain and making us uncomfortable. Unless you are one who loves to be in pain, that FIRE is going to start bothering you! That FIRE will make you realize some things…..make you want to change some things in your life…..and make you want to do all that is possible so that you won’t feel that type of FIRE again. We have all heard the saying that, “If you play with fire, you get burned.” Well, it is true. A fire can be indicated by smell (you can smell smoke), seeing (you see smoke or flames), touching (feel heat) or hearing (an alarm may sound off). These are warning signs that there may be a fire. Well, let’s apply this to our lives. Sometimes we are warned by others about a situation needs to be avoided. Sometimes, you can just “smell” a dead rat in the atmosphere. Sometimes, you can “feel” that something isn’t right. Sometimes, you can clearly “see” that something isn’t good for you. BUT OUR FLESH!!! It will get us in trouble every time when we fall victim to it. And after it is all said and done, we realize that falling victim to the flesh wasn’t even worth it. It didn’t do us any good. All it did was burn us and leave us in horrific state. WE PLAYED WITH FIRE AND WE GOT BURNED!! BUT GOD! If it were left to people to accept us when we mess up, we would be left burning in fire! BUT GOD! God never leaves us. We leave Him but He doesn’t leave us. God can deliver us right in the midst of the FIRE. God loves us, forgives us, comforts us, heals us and guides us back on that better road in life.  God will use the FIRE to move us closer to Him. God will use the FIRE to make us a better man or woman. God will use the FIRE to rebuild us stronger than ever before.  “Can a man scoop fire into his lap without his clothes being burned?” (Proverbs 6:27 NIV). – S.L.M.



In this world, a group of friends can fall into two categories: the group that helps you build yourself and the group that helps you destroy yourself. True friends lift you up when you are feeling downcast. They help you plan and support your goals in a positive manner. They tell you when you are wrong but tell you out of love. They help keep you on the right path in life. They have our BEST interest in heart. They are TRUE.  You may not see them every day but you know they keep it real when you do see or talk to them. You can identify them by their actions. They won’t tell you anything or advise you to do anything that will make you look imprudent or destroy you. Who would want a group of friends who are constantly keeping up trouble? Encouraging you to do dirt? Being messy? Stabbing you in the back? Who would? True friends walk in truth; no, they are not perfect but they do their best to keep it real. True friends don’t get you in trouble. They aren’t messy. They don’t stab you in the back. They don’t encourage you to do dirt. Check your group of friends. Embracing the wrong group can put you in bad predicaments in life and can cause you to lose out on some good things. Check your group of friends. Proverbs 13:20 warns us that we should “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” – S.L.M.


  • I would like to share a dream that I had the other night. In the dream, I took a pregnancy test and of course, it was POSITIVE. I am a firm believer that God, at times, speaks to me through my dreams. The reason I believe this is because SO MANY TIMES…the things that I have dreamt of comes to light. But my dreams are metaphors because God knows I think analytically. The world knows of the term “pregnancy” relating to a woman being pregnant with a child. My dream didn’t relate to this; my dream relates to my spirituality. I have gone through a lot. Some things were self-inflicted; others things happened beyond control. I, indeed, have gone through a lot. I have seen a lot. I have felt a lot. And most of everything I went through, seen and felt was very painful. But God has taken that pain and turned it around in my life and it worked for my good. God allowed that pain to draw me closer to Him. No, I am not perfect but I am nowhere close to how I used to be. God took hold of my hand and began a unique healing process with me. He has never left my side. I left Him so many times but He never left me. Over the last two years, I have drawn so close to Him. He has poured so much goodness, wisdom and love into me. God has impregnated me. He has prepared me for the next transition. I am about to give birth to a new and better life with all of the things that God has taught me in operation. I will now be able to stand VERY STRONG against those things that once made me fall so easily. That pregnancy test in my dream represent “MY NEW LIFE”. The result of the pregnancy test represents that my new life that will be “POSITIVE.” And to be honest, I think I am already in labor and about to give birth to this new life!!!! –S.L.M.

pregnancy test