Like birds of a feather, REAL FAMILY sticks together. Yes, I so believe that is true! During the good times, they stick together. During the bad or sad times, they stick together. To show positive support to one another, they stick together. And God – He is their foundation. But when does the meaning of REAL FAMILY go wrong? Well, allow me to break it down. Let’s say cousin Jack has a problem with Mike – someone who isn’t in the family. This issue should involve only Jack and Mike but because Jack isn’t feeling Mike, the WHOLE FAMILY isn’t feeling Mike, either. This is the meaning of REAL FAMILY gone wrong. Or you have Sally – a family member , who is in disagreement with Sue – another family member, so the family divides to take sides. This results in one side of the family not speaking to the other side of the family.  This is the meaning of REAL FAMILY gone wrong. REAL FAMILY supports each other in POSITIVE ways not the negative ways. REAL FAMILY shows maturity and wisdom and does not condone immaturity and ignorance.

We are all so quick to claim to be a REAL FAMILY but then turn around and lash out to other family members or somebody on the outside because someone on the inside has an issue with that person. REAL FAMILY chooses to keep the peace and does not indulge in chaos or slander. The elders in families are normally the ones that the younger members look up to. It’s sad to say but in the world in which we live in now some of the elders are initiating chaos and slander. So of course, the younger ones will follow. This is the meaning of REAL FAMILY gone wrong. I look up to elders in families who keep the peace, who teach the younger members the right way and the better way to do everything. It is sickening to see families hover together to slander, gossip and fight with others. They do this with each other as well as those on the outside.

This message may offend someone or some people but it’s the truth so I will speak it. Proverbs 12:7 tells all of us, “The wicked are overthrown and are no more, but the house of the righteous stands firm.” REAL FAMILY don’t indulge in MESS. REAL FAMILY indulges in righteousness. They don’t look down on other family members nor others who are on the outside. REAL FAMILY possesses a unique love – a love that allows them to pour  inside and to the outside. That love has a mixture of kindness and respect. That kindness and respect is shown inside the family and outside of the family. If that family is pouring out bitterness to others on the outside, something is wrong! I realized that no family is perfect and never will be but REAL FAMILY should do their best in keeping peace within their family as well as pouring out peace to others outside of the family.  And at times, we will find that others on the outside can very well become true friends; and through love, these true friends become family. – S.L.M.



2 thoughts on ““REAL FAMILY” GONE WRONG

  1. Ho! Do we ever need this right now! I like this quote: “REAL FAMILY chooses to keep the peace and does not indulge in chaos or slander.” And yet how often do I see the adults leading the way in bitter words of warfare. Thanks for the reminder of the influence for which we are accountable.

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