Have you ever been linked up with someone that you thought was the kindest person that you had ever met? But then you find out differently? If you ever want to find out the true colors of someone, allow the pressure to hit. When the pressure hits, you will find out who you are really dealing with. The mask falls off when the pressure hits. A person can hide who they really are only for so long. Eventually, true colors always come shining through. And when that person shows you who they really are, believe just that – that is who they really are. I can’t change that and neither can you. God can but we can’t. True colors can go two ways. One way involves those who we think are the best thing that ever happened to us; but pressure hits, the mask falls off and we find out that they were the worst thing that could have ever happened to us. The other way involves those who we think may not have our best interest in heart yet they stick by us; pressure hits, no mask falls off and we find out they do have our best interests in heart. How can we tell which one is taking place in our lives? Glad you asked. I have one GREAT answer – GOD. Luke 8:17 (NIV) tells us, “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open.” The wisdom and knowledge to know which one is occurring in your life comes from God. He will reveal everything to us. We don’t have to pick or dig for information; God will reveal the true colors in due time. It’s hurtful when you find out that someone you thought was FOR you is truly AGAINST you. It’s also devastating to know that you doubted someone who is FOR you when you thought that they were AGAINST you. When we doubt others, we mostly do so out of protection because we have been hurt before and that hurt allows us to believe that others (who may be for us) is out to cause us pain as well. Wow….life requires us to have an abundance of knowledge and wisdom. We gain that abundance by drawing closer to God on a consistent basis. His Word is an excellent tool for this. His Word even teaches us how to respond when true colors of people come shining through. I don’t know about you but I worked very hard to get to where I am today and I am very protective of my life right now and forevermore. I am cautious of anything or anybody that draws near. I have to pray to God continuously to show and reveal things to me. And might I say, God is in the business of revealing on a quick basis at times. I don’t tell you this from what I think but what I know. Be Blessed. –S.L.M.

true colors



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