Pain. It hurts. It breaks you down. It makes you separate yourself. It makes you feel worthless and hopeless. But pain is necessary for our growth. In 2015, I now realize this. Yes, it hurts when you experience pain or brokenness. But, pain can lead to great joys when we make the choice to take that pain to the Lord. Now me? I don’t like pain. I don’t like to be hurt. I can’t stand it. In the past, I let pain take over my life. I let pain push me off of my mountaintop of joy down into a valley of depression. So I don’t speak what I think; I speak what I know. And what I know is that God allows pain to help us grow, to strengthen our faith and draws us closer to Him. Now sometimes we cause our own pain but even then, God never leaves us. He is a Healer. He is Joy. He is Comfort. The best medication for pain is “giving it all to God.” Just give it all to Him. Cry out to Him. Seek Him. And He will surely hear your cry. That situation that is so difficult and distressing…..give it to Him. That person who has hurt you so badly…..give that person to Him. Those people who wear the title of “enemies”….give them to Him. Your sickness…..give it to Him. Your disappointments, your broken heart and the rejection…..give it all to Him. When we give it to Him, we have to let go and grab onto to the faith that God is going to make it better. That pain makes us stronger later on. No, it doesn’t feel like it when you are going through because believe me, I am there right now! But we have to possess the faith that God will heal us and we will make us whole again. Psalm 147:3-5, “He heals the brokenhearted and bandages their wounds. He counts the stars and names each one. Our Lord is great and very powerful. There is no limit to what he knows.”  -S.L.M





  1. Pain, even though it hurts, tells us we are alive. The more alive in Christ we are, the more the devil tries to attack us and cause pain.
    Thank God I know the life giver!

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