Sometimes, we can overwhelm ourselves by being busy with the things we should and need to be doing. But then there are those times that we wear ourselves extra thin by being concerned with matters that don’t concern us or doing things that we KNOW others should be doing. It is enough stretching your body to do all the things that are in your lane. If not careful, you become a busybody when you are doing things in your lane and lanes two, three, and four. Yes, it is good to lend a helping hand to others but sometimes when you are lending a helping hand, you may turn around and see that you are the ONLY hand! Yes, some will take advantage of your kindness. It is the world we live in. If you are “busy-bodying” in other lanes, your lane may even end up being neglected or you could really exhaust yourself. Your schedule will become frenzied, the people you love and your health may suffer as a result of your “busy-bodying” in other lanes. We have to learn to be busy in a healthy way; the Bible shows us how to do so. We have to learn to tend to our own affairs or duties and not take on those that are assigned to others. We must do what we can in our lanes and rest awhile. We end up breaking our backs, arms and legs doing for others even though they probably wouldn’t lend a finger to do for us. Sometimes, we just take on too much and before long, our health starts to go downhill. Then we stand feebly, wondering why. Go back to The Word; even Jesus knew when to rest. I, myself, am still learning to rest and to balance my daily schedule in a healthy manner. We must all do this. If we pray for God’s Wisdom in this area of our lives, we can prevent the heavy weight of becoming overwhelmed. Then, because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat,1 he said to them, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest” Mark 6:31 (NIV). –S.L.M.



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