At some point in a relationship, the “itch” will transpire. What is the “itch”? The “itch” is the desire to settle down with one person and one person only. The “itch” is the desire to come together as “one” with a person and share a life together. What causes the “itch”? The itch can be caused from selfish desires or it can be caused from maturity. When the desire is selfish, it is all about YOU. You don’t care how another person feels and you just want it to happen because YOU want it to happen. Something that is forced is bound to be under pressure. And human nature rejects a lot of pressure. This is a classic example of an “itch” going wrong. When the desire stems from maturity, it is not about just YOU; it is about the BOTH of you. Maturity causes you to look at things in a more spiritual and deep aspect. Maturity causes you to look for God in your mate and focus on the strength of the LOVE the two of you share. Maturity causes you to focus on how the both of you can build TOGETHER instead of being APART. The one thing about the “itch” I have come to realize is that the best “touch” for it is God’s Hand. Because only God can deliver the RIGHT ONE to you to scratch that “itch.” When the desire to settle down is upon you, it is important that your mate has that desire, too. Many blame the fear of settling down on the “GAME.” I am so sick of hearing that. It is NOT the game that causes fear; it is the MINDSET of the individual. The GAME is simply a bunch of plays where you win or lose and the results cause attention from the crowd. Many crave attention and love it when they get it regardless if it is the right way or wrong way. That is immaturity. A man/woman caught up in the world are never truly satisfied and can never give another the world. It’s hurtful to say but it’s true and I know it is displeasing to God. Allowing God’s Hand to work in your life guides you away from immaturity and yokes you with maturity. God knows your heart and what you need or desire. Allow God’s Hand to keep you away from the WRONG ONE who will irritate the “itch” and deliver to you the RIGHT ONE who will scratch the “itch” willingly and faithfully. -S.L.M



4 thoughts on “THE “ITCH”

    • Please share! Maturity is important when it comes to marriage. Many rush into marriage out of selfish desires and it ends in turmoil. Singles need to really tune into God because He has our best interests in heart.

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    • Thank you for the comment. I do not work with young people but a few do call me for advice. My own life motivates this topic. I am 36 and I have the itch! But I know that only God can touch the right man’s hand to scratch it. My own life motivates me like you wouldn’t believe.

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