The one relationship that matters most to me is my relationship with the Lord. If I am not right with Him, none of the other relationships in my life will function correctly. None of the other relationships in life will have a sweet flavor. God is The God of understanding. The God of Wisdom. The God of Truth. The God of Love. All relationships must possess understanding, wisdom, and truth and love to be a success. Without these components, relationships really don’t have a chance. Today, I focus more on drawing closer to the Lord. He is my backbone. He never lets me down. His promises carry me day by day. God gives me understanding about people and things. He pours the wisdom of knowing what to do, when to do it and how to do it…..and……knowing what to say, when to say it and how to say it. He helps me to walk in truth because lies get us know where in life. And love…..ah, yes….God is love. When I carry this over to my earthly relationships, it helps me stand against anything that the enemy may throw my way.  The relationship we have with God helps us to have a better relationship with others. The more we fall in love with God, the more we can learn to love others in spite of indifferences. If a relationship is simply not meant for you here on earth, God will give you that clarity through your relationship with Him. If you want to simply have a better relationship with others on earth, start by building a relationship with the Lord. That is the relationship that matters most.   – S.L.M.




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