Many often wait for the perfect one to come into their lives. Well,  I don’t mean to burst your bubble but keep waiting. No one is perfect. We all have our flaws. You will know that you have chosen the right one when you choose to look at the heart.  Outside beauty and assets may be pleasing to the eye but what is in the heart is what matters. You will know what is in the heart when those really rough times hit. You will know when frustration arises. When you are near to God, He will show you what is in a person’s heart. The heart is a place where love should dwell; not bitterness, anger, jealousy or hatred. When love dwells in the heart, you may want to give up but love makes you hold on. You may want to be down, but love will keep you high. You may be hurt by others but love will overpower that pain and cause you still do good to others. What is in the heart is what matters. If God blesses you with someone who has a beautiful heart, and who has true love in their heart, value that person and hold on to that person. People with beautiful hearts are spiritual beings. And these people don’t come around too often. -S.L.M.



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