I was talking to my mate last year about how this year was going to bring about some challenges. I told him that God showed me that it was. Although he took it lightly, it did come to pass or should I say it is coming to pass. I am so glad that I grabbed a hold of God’s hand two years ago. I am so glad that I turned my life around. I am so glad that I changed my entire attitude towards difficult situations and difficult people. I am glad because if I hadn’t made all of those changes, I would not have the courage, the kindness, the strength or the wisdom to face the challenges that are now before me and those that are yet to come. I embrace the Power of God in my life. I embrace the peace that comes with knowing the Power of God. I embrace the comfort of knowing the Power of God. No matter what I go through, I know God is in control rather it involves my kids, my mate or my job – God has it ALL in control. People can talk about me, laugh at me and do whatever they please but God is still in control. No weapon formed against me will prosper while I am standing on God’s Word. What God has for me, it is for me and no devil can take that away. My children – the devil can’t have them. My peace on the job – the devil can’t have it. The stability in my relationship – the devil can’t have it. My joy – the devil just can’t have it. Today, I vow to keep standing on God’s Word regardless of the numerous hits from the enemy. I will keep standing today, tomorrow and all of the days to follow. With God on my side, I will keep standing. – S.L.M.



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