I really think relationships and marriages are a blessing….at least they can be. But if you take a look around you, relationships and marriages are being destroyed by temptation and lack of respect. Respect towards one’s relationship or marriage has been lost and it is upsetting. Attraction is something that really can’t be prevented and it gets even more difficult when one is attracted to someone who belongs to another. That is where RESPECT needs to come in. The one (on the outside) that is doing the tempting lacks RESPECT and the one (in a relationship/marriage) who falls into temptation lacks RESPECT. This is what destroys relationships and marriages. If one is not happy in a relationship or marriage, then show respect by leaving. If one feels tempted to break up someone’s relationship or marriage, gain some wisdom by picking up a Bible and reading it. Many people in the world make a mockery of this type of living. It’s funny to them. And it’s the “going” thing right now. But it isn’t funny to God. It isn’t funny to the ones who are a victim of it and who try to base their relationships and marriages on Christian values. I can only imagine how this breaks God’s heart to see His children acting in such a disrespectful way. The only way to fight being tempted is to keep God first in your life and seek Him at all times and to have RESPECT towards the one you are with AT ALL TIMES. When we give in to temptation, bad consequences follow. Then people sit back and wonder why bad things are happening to them. Well, think back to what you did or what you said that put yourself in this predicament. One has no one to blame but himself or herself. It’s funny while one is doing wrong but when the consequences surface up, it is not so funny then. We are all adults and know right from wrong. We know disrespect versus respect.  And we all know what PLEASES GOD and what DISPLEASES GOD. When we sow seeds of disrespect, we reap the same. It may not be tomorrow, next week, next month or next year but the harvest will come.  –S.L.M.

I Peter 4:8 “Most important of all, continue to show deep love for each other, for love covers a multitude of sins.”



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