A person can disappoint you so many times until you lose respect for them. A person can lie to you only so many times before you begin to lose respect. Lies and disappointments causes pain and that pain causes you to lose ALL respect. Once that respect is gone, it is hard to regain; at times, it cannot be regained. Respect follows closely with your reputation. If your reputation is filled with lies and manipulation then guess what? It won’t be long before your true character is revealed. It won’t be long before others lose respect for you. If your reputation is filled with disappointing others, it won’t be long before others lose respect for both your words and actions. When I speak of disappointment, I am referring to making false promises or having inconsistent or unruly behavior that causes others emotional harm. We all want to be respected. It is hard to give respect to others when they treat us disrespectfully. In spite of, we must learn to pray for them. In cases like this, yes, we have lost respect for their lies, their disappointments, and their unruly or inconsistent behavior. We should lose respect for all of this because none of it is good and none of it adds measure in your life nor that person’s life. But we must still have respect for that person as an individual and as one of God’s children. Yes, it is complicated but it is God’s way. Don’t react harshly towards the individual. We always have the option to kindly dismiss ourselves from anything or anyone who brings us discomfort. We live in a world where people will treat us unkind and they will come off as disrespectful but they don’t see it. We do…and we feel it. We must seek Godly guidance in order to not become a victim of that behavior. Think of it like this…..we, as God’s children, do awful things that probably come off as disrespectful to God but He loves us any way. He still shows us mercy and grace. He still has respect for us. We must have a character like Our Father. Respect the person but not the foolishness. – S.L.M.



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