I think the worst type of relationship you can have is one that is rooted in selfishness. Relationships has its problems; none are perfect. One thing that truly keeps a relationship afloat is letting go of selfishness. How can two people expect greatness when one or both of them are focused on self? If this is the case, that person should be in a relationship with themselves. Selfishness is a killer! A selfish individual never sees their wrongdoing and everything has to be their way or no way. They constantly place themselves above their mate. This is ridiculous! In a relationship or marriage, it’s not all about one person!! Partners should learn to be on the same level. This involves communication and understanding. It involves sharing and caring. It involves “WE” instead of “I”. A successful relationship takes some time and true effort. It also takes two mature people who are willing to work together. Selfishness snatches happiness away from the relationship because selfish people have too much pride and are always wanting more.  If you are experiencing selfishness today, pray and ask God to show you how and in what areas you possess selfishness. Ask God and your partner forgiveness. Then rely on God to help you become the person you need to be in your relationship. He is the best route out of the tunnel of selfishness. -S.L.M.



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