On the topic of RELATIONSHIPS….did you carefully check the baggage of your mate before allowing that person in your world? I really can’t sit here and tell you that NO ONE HAS BAGGAGE because in some shape, form or fashion, everybody has something that they bring into new relationships. But what happens when baggage is simply too much? You may wonder what baggage I am referring to. I am referring to past or current habits that the person has that would pose as no measure to your relationship.  Perhaps they possess a habit of being a liar, a cheater, or an abuser. Perhaps they have the “ex” syndrome which means that your relationship will always contain THREE people instead of TWO resulting in conversations and meetings not always involving “just the kids.” Perhaps their spiritual life is out of whack. They know God but really don’t acknowledge Him nor put Him first. Many of us see this baggage right off the bat BUT STILL want to pick up that person along with their baggage and fit them into our lives. This causes much stress upon ourselves. We are constantly trying to fit that person in when reality clearly shows us THAT IT WON’T WORK. We can fake the misfortune only for so long but THE TRUTH will always show its face. Check the baggage of the person you are pursuing! We all need to put God into play at this. God will show us who should be in our lives and who shouldn’t be. Believe it or not, some people come into our lives to take us all of the way down; others may come to bring us up as high as we can possibly go. There may be some people that we are meant to come into our lives to inspire them. We will not know this until we seek God’s Wisdom and Direction. God will tell us, “I will give you strength through this” or He will tell us, “No, this is too much for you.” Some baggage that people possess is simply too much for us. It is baggage that stays full at all times with the zippers about to pop open! We have got to look for God for everything especially the right mate. If we don’t, we will end up with extra baggage that not even an airport can hold!



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