Life can throw some really hard hits. I remember just dodging them or ducking so they wouldn’t hit me.  And when they did, I just cringed with fear and pain. This was only just a short while ago. A person can only take so much. I could only take so much. A person gets tired. I got tired. I use to take that “putting on the whole armor of God” thing very lightly. After life hit me too many times with failure after failure, with depression, with bitterness and anger, with low self-esteem, with some of every rotten thing you can possible think of, I started to get in THE WORD and read. THE WORD, itself, is THE ARMOR OF GOD. This is exactly what we need to stand up against the hits that life throws at us. We can say “It is the devil” but some of those hits are also self–inflicted hits. I can remember when I use to bring about “self-inflicted” upon myself. What kind of immature mindset did I have! BUT GOD! People, life will not always be easy. The hits will come. The struggle will come. Equip yourself at all times with the Word of God. When those hits come, you will be able to stand strong and firm. I will be able to stand strong and firm. That armor will protect you against it all. You may feel a sting or some kind of pain, you may kind of lose balance just a little, but you will not fall….YOU WILL STAND…AND YOU WILL STAND STRONG!! Be Blessed.  –S.L.M.



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