You know the one thing that I have discovered is that when you walk away from some types of DRAMA, it does its best to find you. DRAMA can be bold and will approach you from any angle. It calls you on the phone and if you don’t answer the first time, it keeps calling. It will text message you trying to find that button that will set you off. It knocks on your door and if you don’t answer, it keeps knocking. It used to be that you could ignore DRAMA and eventually it will go away but these days DRAMA stands bold and think it is THE STUFF and won’t back down. DRAMA shows up on your job and causes uproar. DRAMA causes your relationship or marriage to become entangled in turmoil. DRAMA will have you focusing on what “He Said or She Said” instead of what “God Said.” DRAMA is simply an enemy that is designed to destroy everything in its sight, not even for a particular reason, but only just because. When DRAMA gets BOLD, YOU get BOLD. DRAMA steals the Precious Glory of God and God is jealous for His Glory (Read Exodus 4:4, 17 & 18). When dealing with DRAMA, remember who are – a child of God. Become entertained with God’s Words so that you will know the right words to speak in order to stand against that enemy called DRAMA. Focus on doing the “right” things. Don’t be so quick to take sides without God leading you first. Don’t be so quick to speak when what you hear pushes a button of anger. Some DRAMA have to be addressed instead of ignored. And it must be addressed the RIGHT way. You must speak peace and love to DRAMA. You must let DRAMA know that God said happiness is yours and that fact stands. You must let DRAMA know that you desire to be entertained by good things not those bad things. You must let DRAMA know regardless of what DRAMA thinks of you. You must remain positive to DRAMA. You must stand up to it and let it know that you are a child of God and “No weapon formed against you shall prosper, and every tongue which rises against you in judgment you shall condemn” (Isaiah 54:17). Be Encouraged.   – S.L.M.



2 thoughts on “WHEN DRAMA STANDS BOLD….

    • Hi, Emily. I can total understand where you are coming from. I have been at the point of being confronted with something and I didn’t think. I got angry and the result always ends badly. This can happen with small things as well as the big things in life. It is good for us to just take that “pause” if we can…..just to gather ourselves and to abide accordingly. Some things in life can simply be ignored; some things cannot and we have to address them. But we shall always remember to take that pause so we choose what to do in a calm manner. Thanks for reading!

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