BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS: Allowing God to Rebuild You

God has really been dealing with me regarding relationships lately. It could be from my own experiences and it could be that He simply wants me to inspire others through my experiences. I want to take time out to talk to the ladies – the ones who feel as though they were the cause of a relationship to fall, the ones who feel unworthy because of a relationship failing, the ones who are desperately seeking for something or someone to fill a void in their lives. I want to talk to those women. Regardless of which area describes what you are going through, know that GOD LOVES YOU AND WANTS THE BEST FOR YOU. We all make mistakes for its human nature. At the end of a relationship, many women feel as though they didn’t do something right. They feel at fault. Sometimes, it may be your fault and at other times, it may not be your fault. In cases where it is, the only thing you can do is offer a heartfelt apology and ask for forgiveness to that person as well as God. If a person chooses to reject it, then shame on that person and not you; God, on the other hand, will never withhold forgiveness from you. Accept God’s forgiveness and move on with your life. Refrain from desperation because you will end up having a series of relationships that just don’t work. Desperation causes you to carry baggage from one relationship to the next. The baggage derives from a lack of healing. Once you have embraced God’s forgiveness, tune into Him and what He wants for your life. Allow God to help you heal completely. Once you make the step to truly tune into Him, He will supply your every need and fill any void that is in your life. Don’t be “fake” about it; but TRULY give yourself to God. When God says it is time for you to meet the man He has for you, He will come. You will know when the RIGHT person comes into your life. You will know because the relationship won’t have to be forced. It will develop at a pace that is the right speed and will possess a foundation of spirituality and maturity. If there are some ways in the past relationship that you were displeased with about yourself, ask God to show you how to change those displeasing ways. He will indeed come to your aid. But first, you have to be willing to allow God the opportunity to work with you. Looking to the world may help you a little during this difficult time, if it is positive…if it is godly. If it not, I strongly advise you to indulge in God’s company. Read His Word, memorize verses and pray to God that He will place strong Christians in your life to help you. From my experiences, I will tell you…..GOD WILL DO IT. Will you let Him? Be Blessed. – S.L.M.



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