Yesterday, I came home with three balloons from the kid’s dentist appointments. Two popped but I remember one got left behind and it lingered in the house for awhile. It was floating high at first and the string of it was bothering me but then it started dropping down low and I began to bump into it as I cleaned. I kept bumping into it and it was just in my way everywhere I turned. It was irritating me and keeping me from doing what i needed to do. I finally told my son to go outside and just let it go.

During  meditation this morning, God spoke to me and said, “Stacy, remember that balloon yesterday? That balloon is like your worries, your hurts and your fears. Just as that balloon, those heavy burdens are following you. You keep bumping into them because you are still holding on to too much. Because of the burdens, stress lowers itself to you and you bump head on with it. My Child, just as your son walked outside and let that balloon go, you have to let those burdens go.” That moved me. And I envisioned myself placing all of my burdens in a balloon and just letting it go. Thank you, Lord, for Your Words of Peace.

If you are holding on to burdens today, you have to let them go. Just let go, let God. Why carry what God didn’t intend for us to carry? BE BLESSED.




One thought on “LET THE BURDENS GO

  1. Wonderful post. I thought you were going to say that God told you, “Stacy, remember that balloon yesterday? You just polluted my creation with it.” Lol! 😉 That would have made for a laugh! Hehe. Be blessed my friend!


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