Have you ever been in a relationship where you had to pay for hurt that a person’s past caused? A relationship where you were blamed for nothing? A relationship where you were verbally or physically abused? If you have been, then you feel me. If you hadn’t, that’s good and keep it that way. If you are in one now, get out of it! Too many relationships take on these behaviors. It is cruel and indecent. No woman or man should have to suffer for someone else’s past. Mates tend to pull their past into their current relationships. When they do, the foundation shakes and falls. Sue shouldn’t be blamed for the stuff Betty did  to Bob in the past. Mike shouldn’t have to pay for what Rick did to Jane in the past. A good mate accepts ones past but will turn around and get laughed at for doing so. This is happening in a lot relationships and marriages.

Where is God? Why isn’t he put first? Some of us have got to get it together. People are using relationships and marriages to make others jealous. It is simply a show….and it is simply selfish. I am not talking about relationships and marriages that have God as a foundation; I am talking about fake ones. The ones where people connect because they have a fear of being alone. The ones where verbal and physical abuse evolve because there are trust and insecurities. The ones where it is 90/10 and not 50/50. The ones where making up and breaking up occurs like time change. The ones that are forced and not God-sent. What has become of God’s children? Why aren’t we patiently waiting for God to send us the right one?

Some of us have got to grasp the concept that we are better than that. We shouldn’t subject ourselves to any type of abuse from anyone. If you are in a connection of such, pray and ask God to show you what you need to do to get out of it. If you just got out of one, stay out. Don’t chase it. Many abusers love to be chased because that is what their past consist of – being chased. You are the present so keep moving forward. God will supply you with all of the healing and strength you need survive. Trust and believe. -S.L.M.



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