What kind of world would this be if we all just got along? What kind of world would this be if we didn’t plot against one another nor betrayed one another? Well, so much for wondering because unfortunately we all don’t get along. We live in a world where if we are truly kind, we get plotted on. If we give our very last, we are still betrayed. It’s the world we live in. Evil spirits are at work like never before and they are at work inside of God’s people. There are some very decent people in the world and sometimes, they just become entangled in the web of deception – one of Satan’s tools. You may be one that has been entangled or is entangled in such a web. An enemy can put on the mask of being a friend every day and you not be aware of it until the mask falls off. An enemy can pretend to comfort you better than a friend and you not be aware of it until they stab you in the back. An enemy can pretend to be your supporter and you not be aware of it until they talk down on you and laugh at you to others. It’s the world we live in. When we find out about such enemies, some of us tend to grow angry and resentful. Confusion of why people act so cruel may take over your mind. I can honestly testify to all of this. But what would Jesus do? Jesus would be kind anyway. He would love them anyway. We must possess that same character. No, it is not easy. God never said it would be easy but did say it would be worth it. Be kind anyway. There will be times when you go back and forth with enemies thinking that they will change. Unfortunately, a positive change may never come. In these cases, you may have to block them out of your life but block them in love. Always do it in love….from your heart. You can love your enemies from a distance. They say we all play the fool sometimes but I have come to realize that when you are kind with godly wisdom, you can never play the fool. Because when you know what you know, you know. I deal with people every day who I know hope for my downfall but I am kind anyway. Why? Because it is right to do right. If you can’t get all of the way right, get as close as you can. It pleases God to see the effort. And we must not fall into sadness or bitterness when others plot against us or betray us because God knows.  That revenge is not ours; God will revenge on His own terms. Be Encouraged.  –S.L.M.




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