BROKEN RELATIONSHIPS: Allowing God to Rebuild You

God has really been dealing with me regarding relationships lately. It could be from my own experiences and it could be that He simply wants me to inspire others through my experiences. I want to take time out to talk to the ladies – the ones who feel as though they were the cause of a relationship to fall, the ones who feel unworthy because of a relationship failing, the ones who are desperately seeking for something or someone to fill a void in their lives. I want to talk to those women. Regardless of which area describes what you are going through, know that GOD LOVES YOU AND WANTS THE BEST FOR YOU. We all make mistakes for its human nature. At the end of a relationship, many women feel as though they didn’t do something right. They feel at fault. Sometimes, it may be your fault and at other times, it may not be your fault. In cases where it is, the only thing you can do is offer a heartfelt apology and ask for forgiveness to that person as well as God. If a person chooses to reject it, then shame on that person and not you; God, on the other hand, will never withhold forgiveness from you. Accept God’s forgiveness and move on with your life. Refrain from desperation because you will end up having a series of relationships that just don’t work. Desperation causes you to carry baggage from one relationship to the next. The baggage derives from a lack of healing. Once you have embraced God’s forgiveness, tune into Him and what He wants for your life. Allow God to help you heal completely. Once you make the step to truly tune into Him, He will supply your every need and fill any void that is in your life. Don’t be “fake” about it; but TRULY give yourself to God. When God says it is time for you to meet the man He has for you, He will come. You will know when the RIGHT person comes into your life. You will know because the relationship won’t have to be forced. It will develop at a pace that is the right speed and will possess a foundation of spirituality and maturity. If there are some ways in the past relationship that you were displeased with about yourself, ask God to show you how to change those displeasing ways. He will indeed come to your aid. But first, you have to be willing to allow God the opportunity to work with you. Looking to the world may help you a little during this difficult time, if it is positive…if it is godly. If it not, I strongly advise you to indulge in God’s company. Read His Word, memorize verses and pray to God that He will place strong Christians in your life to help you. From my experiences, I will tell you…..GOD WILL DO IT. Will you let Him? Be Blessed. – S.L.M.



Have you ever been in a relationship where you had to pay for hurt that a person’s past caused? A relationship where you were blamed for nothing? A relationship where you were verbally or physically abused? If you have been, then you feel me. If you hadn’t, that’s good and keep it that way. If you are in one now, get out of it! Too many relationships take on these behaviors. It is cruel and indecent. No woman or man should have to suffer for someone else’s past. Mates tend to pull their past into their current relationships. When they do, the foundation shakes and falls. Sue shouldn’t be blamed for the stuff Betty did  to Bob in the past. Mike shouldn’t have to pay for what Rick did to Jane in the past. A good mate accepts ones past but will turn around and get laughed at for doing so. This is happening in a lot relationships and marriages.

Where is God? Why isn’t he put first? Some of us have got to get it together. People are using relationships and marriages to make others jealous. It is simply a show….and it is simply selfish. I am not talking about relationships and marriages that have God as a foundation; I am talking about fake ones. The ones where people connect because they have a fear of being alone. The ones where verbal and physical abuse evolve because there are trust and insecurities. The ones where it is 90/10 and not 50/50. The ones where making up and breaking up occurs like time change. The ones that are forced and not God-sent. What has become of God’s children? Why aren’t we patiently waiting for God to send us the right one?

Some of us have got to grasp the concept that we are better than that. We shouldn’t subject ourselves to any type of abuse from anyone. If you are in a connection of such, pray and ask God to show you what you need to do to get out of it. If you just got out of one, stay out. Don’t chase it. Many abusers love to be chased because that is what their past consist of – being chased. You are the present so keep moving forward. God will supply you with all of the healing and strength you need survive. Trust and believe. -S.L.M.



Yesterday, I came home with three balloons from the kid’s dentist appointments. Two popped but I remember one got left behind and it lingered in the house for awhile. It was floating high at first and the string of it was bothering me but then it started dropping down low and I began to bump into it as I cleaned. I kept bumping into it and it was just in my way everywhere I turned. It was irritating me and keeping me from doing what i needed to do. I finally told my son to go outside and just let it go.

During  meditation this morning, God spoke to me and said, “Stacy, remember that balloon yesterday? That balloon is like your worries, your hurts and your fears. Just as that balloon, those heavy burdens are following you. You keep bumping into them because you are still holding on to too much. Because of the burdens, stress lowers itself to you and you bump head on with it. My Child, just as your son walked outside and let that balloon go, you have to let those burdens go.” That moved me. And I envisioned myself placing all of my burdens in a balloon and just letting it go. Thank you, Lord, for Your Words of Peace.

If you are holding on to burdens today, you have to let them go. Just let go, let God. Why carry what God didn’t intend for us to carry? BE BLESSED.





I think relationships are a beautiful thing, especially when God is in the midst. Yet, relationships can get a bit frustrating. Arguments evolve and one party doesn’t want to speak or see the other party. Consistent irritable behaviors like attitudes may rise up and both parties may be at guilt but are unable to see themselves. Flaws are constantly being picked out and frustration rises. In order to have a successful relationship, both parties must be able to walk in love. Misunderstandings and miscommunication opens the door the frustrations. Consistent pulling of another’s flaws can cause reoccurring attitudes. Instead of focusing on the worst in each other, focus on the best. Focusing on the best is walking in love. God’s Word says, “Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom” (Psalm 90:12). This bible verses is telling us to count our GOOD DAYS….to count the days of joy… count the days that God has blessed us and He blesses us every day. We shouldn’t focus on THE BAD. When we focus on THE BAD, it will definitely happens. In order to have a successful and good relationship with your significant other, you must be willing to walk steadfast in love, eliminate picking flaws, number your good days and strive to build even better ones. Walking in love is walking with God. If God has brought the two of you together, He can give strength where weakness lies. He can give peace where frustration lies. He can give life to what seems to be dying. But He can only do this, if both parties are willing to let Him. Blessings will take over the relationship when you walk in love. Are you willing to take that walk today? Be Encouraged.  S.L.M.



What kind of world would this be if we all just got along? What kind of world would this be if we didn’t plot against one another nor betrayed one another? Well, so much for wondering because unfortunately we all don’t get along. We live in a world where if we are truly kind, we get plotted on. If we give our very last, we are still betrayed. It’s the world we live in. Evil spirits are at work like never before and they are at work inside of God’s people. There are some very decent people in the world and sometimes, they just become entangled in the web of deception – one of Satan’s tools. You may be one that has been entangled or is entangled in such a web. An enemy can put on the mask of being a friend every day and you not be aware of it until the mask falls off. An enemy can pretend to comfort you better than a friend and you not be aware of it until they stab you in the back. An enemy can pretend to be your supporter and you not be aware of it until they talk down on you and laugh at you to others. It’s the world we live in. When we find out about such enemies, some of us tend to grow angry and resentful. Confusion of why people act so cruel may take over your mind. I can honestly testify to all of this. But what would Jesus do? Jesus would be kind anyway. He would love them anyway. We must possess that same character. No, it is not easy. God never said it would be easy but did say it would be worth it. Be kind anyway. There will be times when you go back and forth with enemies thinking that they will change. Unfortunately, a positive change may never come. In these cases, you may have to block them out of your life but block them in love. Always do it in love….from your heart. You can love your enemies from a distance. They say we all play the fool sometimes but I have come to realize that when you are kind with godly wisdom, you can never play the fool. Because when you know what you know, you know. I deal with people every day who I know hope for my downfall but I am kind anyway. Why? Because it is right to do right. If you can’t get all of the way right, get as close as you can. It pleases God to see the effort. And we must not fall into sadness or bitterness when others plot against us or betray us because God knows.  That revenge is not ours; God will revenge on His own terms. Be Encouraged.  –S.L.M.




In this life, we will always be faced with those things and people that we simply cannot understand. I guess if God wants us to understand, He will give us clarity. And when we ask for clarity, we must be prepared to see the truth. You can be kind, compassionate and loving in many situations in life and still be rejected. You can have best interests in your heart for others but still be rejected. In many of these cases, we never understand why. There are times when those who reject us are dealing with their own bitterness and envy but take it out on others who don’t deserve it. Yes, we all fall short and sometimes, it may be you that has hurt someone. When you give a heartfelt apology but only receive cold forgiveness, it hurts. That in not the type of forgiveness that comes from God. You know that deep down you are trying to be the best person you can be but others may not see it that way. Well guess who does see it that way? God does. He knows your heart and He knows the goodness that lives inside. A lot of people in this world don’t possess godly character. Many are only out for “themselves.” They take your kindness for weakness. They take your true love to be manipulation. But God doesn’t do that. In situations like these, we have to stay focused on the good that comes from God. We have to stay wrapped up in His love. If we don’t, we will be overtaken about all of the negative things that people say and do to us. Rejection hurts, especially when you know you do not deserve it. Rejection can cripple you, especially when you don’t understand why it has encircled your life or the life your kids. God knows how this type of rejection feels because He experiences it every day with us when we turn away from Him. He knows. If you are experiencing rejection today, reach out to God for comfort. Instead of trying to figure out, give it to God. He will take care of it. He will take care of you. Sometimes, rejection is God’s protection for you. Just have faith. Be Blessed.   – S.L.M.