I will simply keep this real. In our most weakest moments, a lot can rise up and push against us. We have to stay prayed up and keep ourselves in God’s perfect peace. In our weakest times, we can be attacked by ungodly forces that want to drag us on down. These forces are camouflaged and when we are weak and without God’s wisdom, we can’t see it coming. When we allow these opposing forces into our lives, they bring all sorts of confusion and frustration. We aren’t aware because we were already weak when we opened the door. We have to become knowledgeable enough to understand that kindness won’t work with all evil forces. These forces are designed to play mind games with you, rob you of peace, steal your joy, and fill you with insecurities. Once they are done, they will stand back, laugh at you while you stagger and walk away from you as you fall. These forces will have you talking harshly to those who truly love you and those who have your best interest at heart. I speak from experience. If you are weary, seek God WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Ask for His protection and His guidance. You will need this when dealing with loved ones. Don’t allow those dark forces to intervene before you allow God to. If you do, you will end up with regret when reality settles in. The moment you feel weary, run to God. Dark forces only need a tiny piece of doubt to work with. Before you know it, you will be shooting attitudes toward loved ones and your emotions will take you down. Dark forces are designed to withdraw you from places of love especially when you feel as though you are at your weakest. But all we have to do is draw from God. We have to call on Him and ask for His Strength. He will keep us in the light where His love dwells. God’s love overcomes all darkness. Be Blessed. S.L.M.




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