If all of us could get along, what a wonderful world this would be. Unfortunately, we are living in times where people get close to you just to find out things in order to ridicule you in front of others. We are living in times where people smile at you beautifully speaking kind words to you but hate you with their thoughts. We are living in times where people hug and pat you on the back then turn around, slap you in the face and stab you in the back with words. We are living in times where people don’t want to have anything to do with you unless you can benefit them. Does this hurt truly good people? Of course it does! I consider myself to be good and I don’t appreciate having my kindness “played” upon. Some people will make you want to turn into Muhammadi Ali for just five minutes! But God says revenge belongs to Him. I don’t know if you deal with people like this but I know I do. And it makes you feel some type of way when people hurt you. My best advice to you is to know your circle. Everybody who seems to be for you isn’t for you. They will mock and ridicule you. Know your circle. They may seem to show concern about your down areas and then turn around and use all you said against you. Know your circle. If you share your dreams and goals with them, you will find them in your desired position because envy is at play. Know your circle. If it comes to a point you only have God in your circle, you will find out that God is all you will ever need. – S.L.M.



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