I will simply keep this real. In our most weakest moments, a lot can rise up and push against us. We have to stay prayed up and keep ourselves in God’s perfect peace. In our weakest times, we can be attacked by ungodly forces that want to drag us on down. These forces are camouflaged and when we are weak and without God’s wisdom, we can’t see it coming. When we allow these opposing forces into our lives, they bring all sorts of confusion and frustration. We aren’t aware because we were already weak when we opened the door. We have to become knowledgeable enough to understand that kindness won’t work with all evil forces. These forces are designed to play mind games with you, rob you of peace, steal your joy, and fill you with insecurities. Once they are done, they will stand back, laugh at you while you stagger and walk away from you as you fall. These forces will have you talking harshly to those who truly love you and those who have your best interest at heart. I speak from experience. If you are weary, seek God WHOLEHEARTEDLY. Ask for His protection and His guidance. You will need this when dealing with loved ones. Don’t allow those dark forces to intervene before you allow God to. If you do, you will end up with regret when reality settles in. The moment you feel weary, run to God. Dark forces only need a tiny piece of doubt to work with. Before you know it, you will be shooting attitudes toward loved ones and your emotions will take you down. Dark forces are designed to withdraw you from places of love especially when you feel as though you are at your weakest. But all we have to do is draw from God. We have to call on Him and ask for His Strength. He will keep us in the light where His love dwells. God’s love overcomes all darkness. Be Blessed. S.L.M.



They told me that I was way too sensitive –

But God said that my heart is simply filled with lots of love.

They told me that I was too withdrawn and a bit too shy –

But God said they don’t understand what my spiritual mind consists of.

They said I couldn’t handle situations that were big or small –

But God said I had a very good  and true acceptance of reality.

They told me that I complained and possessed an attitude –

But God said they were only reflecting their own character upon me.

They told me that I was a hypocrite and didn’t practice what I preached –

But God said he knows I practice while I enduring the trials and tests.

They told me that I just don’t have what it takes to stand by their side –

But God said that I belonged by His side where He will inspire me to by my best.

And God said, “Stacy, free yourself from what others think and fix your eyes upon Me;

I can give you all of the love, joy, peace and wisdom that you will ever need.”

Written By Stacy L. Montgomery

  God said it



When that special person walks away from you,

A piece of your heart walks away too.

You hit a rough spot and stressed entered your life

And things simply became intertwined with strife.

In God’s Word, you know how love is defined –

Love is all of the things that are pure and kind.

Love stands by your side and helps you to endure

And love….real love…won’t leave and that’s for sure.

You think of the times that person went through the bad

And you stayed by their side in times that were really sad.

What we must realize is that everyone is not alike;

Some can hang in there while others give up on love’s fight.

But, thankfully, there is the LORD up above who also dwells in your heart

And for the piece of your heart that walked away, He gives you a new part.

In this new part of your heart, the LORD will place peace and more love,

And He also fills it with all of those great things that come from above.

Although you are hurting, remember love is still with you and still abides;

As that person walked away from you, God remained by your side.

 -Written By Stacy L. Montgomery





There are many of us who love to write. For some, it is simply a gift for God. For some, it is an outlet. For some, it is entertainment. Others may seem to just write about their experiences in life. I think I fit in all of those descriptions. I recently heard someone say, “Well, I don’t indulge in reading quotes, poems or any other writing because it all sounds the same and I don’t indulge in reading someone’s Christian writings because they do not live by what they say.” At first, when I heard this, I wanted to take offense but I didn’t. GOD USES WHO HE WANTS TO USE TO GET HIS WORDS ACROSS. To me, that was passing judgment and that, itself, is sin. So one sinner wants to point a finger at another sinner? The person who spoke this indulges in all types of ungodly entertainment but then mixes with a conversation about God. I hold my tongue because God didn’t place me here to judge others. I found myself explaining things to this person about how I loved to encourage others through my experience until I was blue in the face. Finally, I gave up realizing that I didn’t have any reason to explain myself. God knows and that is all that will EVER matter. As a writer, you have to be able to take the criticism even when it is not constructive. I took it but I built more out of it. I write on Facebook, Google Plus and I post positive quotes on Facebook. I don’t do it for likes or for comments. I do it because I love to encourage others. I will never apologize for loving God and being thankful of my relationship with Him. I will never abandon the gift of writing that He gave me just to cater to worldly insults. My writing even inspires me. Some have told me that the way I represent myself is way “too” deep and that don’t comprehend it. They say the way I talk is weird. I pray and ask God for protection against such critical spirits. I continue to allow the Spirit of God to keep moving within in me enabling me to keep writing. Galatians 5:22-23 (ESV) states, “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is.” These are attributes that I continue to show. God is taking me to a higher level in this life with Him so I don’t expect all people to understand. But God does and so do I. And that is all that matters.



I am still feeling quite sensitive today on the topic of LOVE. It upsets me how people can abuse such a beautiful word….such a beautiful feeling. It really does. I recollect on my past briefly and can hear all of the “I love you” phrases that were said to me. But it wasn’t real love. I look at situations today where I hear the same phrase and even today, I question it. People seem to forget the meaning of real love or do they even care to research it….to feel it….to practice it. Today, the word love will just roll off of the lips without a meaning. Many say it just to be saying it. GOD IS LOVE. LOVE IS GOD. When we speak of that word, we are representing GOD. How dare people abuse the word and speak it so nonchalantly! People are getting physically and verbally abused every day and they claim the reason behind it is LOVE – that is a lie! Love will never physically and verbally abuse you. People lie, cheat and steal every day and they claim their reason behind it is because they love someone or something so dear – that is a lie! LOVE doesn’t cause one to lie, cheat and steal. I prayed and asked God to give me the discernment in which I can depict the true love from the fake love. Because let’s admit it, sometimes people can dress that “I love you” phrase up so good and you will not see one ounce of the bad behind it. Yet, it is there. I don’t want to fall victim to that in my life anymore. Many people should really put much effort into realizing what love really is. Our God is awesome….yes, He is! If God is love, then love should be awesome! 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 states, “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.” Be Blessed. – S.L.M.



Relationships can be beautiful when two parties work together and are on the same page. I have heard people say, “I want to be with someone who has the same interests as me.” Yet, most of these relationships fail. I have also heard people say, “Opposites attract.” Yet, most of these relationships fail as well. I feel that it just takes two people simply working together…not with other people….but together. Together means “two” and not “three, four, five and six” other people in your business. Unless the third person is GOD. Working together means putting GOD as the Head and keeping Him there. Relationships have lost their most important and active ingredient and that is “Praying Together.” Today, you have one mate who wants to ridicule another mate for being “so religious” just because talking about God makes him/her happy, reading the Bible gives them hope and anything pertaining to God sets their soul on fire. WHO WOULDN’T WANT THAT IN THESE TIMES? Where true religion lives, so does faithfulness, honesty and love. Then there is the case of one mate being a bit weaker than the other. If you are in a relationship with this kind of person, did you ever think that maybe you were designed to be that “special source” of helping your mate gain the strength he/she needs? The point in this case is that EVERYONE, some time or another, have their weak spots in life. If you don’t then maybe you are just not human. Be that person’s support. Encourage them in the CHRISTIAN way. You have some people who stomp on top of their mates head with pressure! Some people aren’t built to take that kind of stuff! None of us can depict the true effects of what another person has gone through, what they have seen, or what the cause of their actions are. But if you have decided to be in a relationship with this person, then I suggest you pray and ask God to assist you in helping the person persevere the RIGHT way. Just as there is physical abuse, there is also verbal abuse. Remember that. Then there is the case of one partner wanting to hidden all of the time….no social media…REALLY?? Who is blind to that? If your partner trips about you posting pics of the two of you on social media perhaps it’s time to pack your love in that area and unpack your love in the arms of someone who would love to be seen on social media and out in public with you! Acting a fool about that is totally childish and uncalled for! We are not in kindergarten! If a mate pulls that type of stunt, then do know that there just may be a third person in your relationship and unfortunately it is not GOD! Then there is the case of one partner constantly finding flaws with another mate. Well, guess who really has the issues??? Well, it’s not the person who is being picked on….it’s the flaw-finding partner! You can’t work things out if you are constantly picking out flaws in your mate. When you this, you have no time to focus on their good qualities. It’s wrong and unjust. These are just some of the things that are on my mind today because these cases are very similar to me. If you have something you want to share, please do so because I am on one today and I am simply fed up!!!!! You just can’t be good to folks anymore.  Your good is always…always viewed as BAD in the eyes of those who can’t see goodness! Pray and ask God for the wisdom of guidance with these types of relationships. -S.L.M.



I feel in my heart that God has designed this season to see people for who they really are. We all know that the winter season brings the cold. I really don’t get along with cold weather but I have no choice and I am thankful for it.  I have experience much coldness this season from others. Some people that came into my life were disguised to bring me warmth but took me below zero degrees. The sad thing about it is that I INVITED THESE PEOPLE INTO MY LIFE. I invited them on the kindest terms thinking they were real and that they were true only to find that they were fake and full of lies. It not only hurts but really perturbs me that people can be so unruly. Then you have to watch the ones who even warn you about others because they, too, can be a part of the plot to tear you down. This is one of the main reasons for the fall of our people today – people are tearing each other down instead of building each other up. It is a sad and pathetic sight. I can only imagine how God feels.

We, as God’s children, should all get along. Young and old are participating in plots to tear people down. They do it as a result of hatred, greed or pure jealousy and envy. And it is dejecting. My last written post was about “knowing your circle” and I want to express that once more – KNOW YOUR CIRCLE. Sometimes, it could be the CLOSEST one to you who tries to tear you down. My advice would be to cling to the Word of God. Yes, there will be some who call you crazy. There will be those who want to call you a hypocrite (not realizing that even Christians have their bad moments). There will be those who treat you harshly and step on you with hurtful accusations. BUT CLING TO GOD. God will take care of those people. God’s Word clearly says, “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.”

In our walk with God, we will have to let go of some friendships, some relationships and some things we hold dear to our hearts. We have to let them go because they are no good and they are not included in God’s will for our lives. When things start to fall apart in your life, trust God. He is tearing away those bad things so He can bring in in the good things. He is tearing away certain people so He can bless you with the ones who will take you higher in Him. Trust God. I know I am…today…tomorrow and forevermore.  – S.L.M.