It has been awhile since I have written poetry of some kind

So today I am giving it a shot in an effort to ease my mind.

This morning as I drove to work, I noticed the sun shining intensely

I felt as though through the sun God was smiling right at me.

Warmth suddenly took over my body from head to toe

That’s a beautiful feeling that anyone would love to know.

I kind of smiled to myself as I thought of all I am going through

Because I thought of how God’s love for me is so faithful and true.

That is when I realized that God is bigger than any struggle I face

Having faith in His works simply gives my patience a sweeter taste.

When harm draws near, I can feel His protection sprang up for me

And in times of sadness, I can feel His comfort and love so deeply.

For so long, I searched the world for an obliging and indulgent friend

And all along, God was here and will be here until the very end.

– Written By Stacy L. Montgomery –




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