Lately, I have actually had the nerve to say, “I don’t have many friends” or “I don’t have anyone to really confide in when I hurt.” For the last past couple of months, I find myself saying these two statements a lot. As humans, many of us are programmed to vent when we hurt and to seek earthly comfort when we feel alone. I can surely testify to that. I noticed that, when it comes to me, it seems like the need to want to vent comes early in the morning and/or late at night. These are the times when it seems that no earthly soul is present. Then, there are the times when someone may be available, but they just can’t seem to grasp what you are feeling. I have discovered that it is in “these” moments where God desires for us to reach out to Him. What I seek in others is already in the Lord plus even more. He is the BEST FRIEND I can ever have. I have realized that I can pour out my pain and my tears to THE ONE who can actually do something about them. He doesn’t just hear my problems but He is a PROBLEM SOLVER. God is by my side ALWAYS.  I am now embracing these moments with God. These moments empty me of any sorrow, fear or doubts that I may be possess. These moments with God fill me with His love and His comfort. These moments give to me what I have tended to look for in others. No one can fill me like God can. So when I tend to hurt, want to vent and begin to feel alone…I remember Psalm 34:18-19, “The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart and saves such as have a broken spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous, But the Lord delivers him from them all.” These words, alone, fill me up and makes me realize that when I do feel alone or feel the need to talk to someone, God is the ONLY friend I need – THE ONE who makes a way when I think there is no way. –S.L.M.

Best friend


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