There will be those mornings or days when irritation sort of what’s to take over. When you lack sleep or rest, irritation just may have a better chance at taking over. It creeps up on you when get weary and everything or everybody simply irritates you. You may sometimes get to the point of just wanting to go somewhere by yourself just to be alone. If we have kids, time to ourselves can be impossible. If we have full-time jobs, time to ourselves can be impossible. On some days, we are just going to have to MAKE time to just “breathe” a little. We have the power to control any emotion that builds up inside of us. Some of us fail to practice control; others may do well at it. In these moments, we can’t lash out on others when we are irritated. Some people don’t even realize you are irritated until you snap at them. Then again, if you have the look that can kill one hundred people, then maybe they will not to even approach you. If you detect that you are bothered, MAKE some time to just take some deep breaths, meditate or pray before you communicate with your spouse/mate and your children or  before you respond to a phone call/text. Some of us wake up feeling irritated and fail to give our irritation to God. We go to work with it and when dealing with others, when tend to come off very harsh. It’s okay to be irritated but it’s not okay when you speak bleakly towards others. It is not their fault. We have control of our own annoyance. Irritation is something we must learn to deal with God’s way. Yes, it is a major push to be kind when we are irritated but God wants us to be kind anyway. Yes, it is a major push to smile when we are irritated but we should smile anyway. When you make the effort to push and do these GOOD things, God will meet us and give us the strength and the peace we need to make it through the day. Our lives can be so overwhelming at times but we can expect the “best” in every day when we give God our very “best” effort in making it as such. Be Encouraged.Kind


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