When medication is simply not enough, I now know that prayer and rest is the best antidote for the pressure of migraine headaches. One had me in a headlock this morning and it felt as though my entire body was going for paralysis. But I stayed in the fighting ring with much prayer. When the throbbing hit, I prayed, when it hit harder, I prayed harder. At one time, I had to drop down to my knees because of the pain but that was an awesome position to be in to pray anyways. And then, mom who could hear the pain in my voice because she is MOM, called. I didn’t talk but a minute or two and told her I wanted to lay down because I was in pain. Nearly an hour later, I awoke to her face in my room with her old remedies and some better meds. What a comfort that was and all who knows her knows that it takes A LOT to make my mom travel out of Marion! That power in that prayer brought my mother to me! She probably thought she would walk into a house of dissaray but she didn’t. Somewhere in the midst of all the pain, God gave me enough strength to maintain home plus it is instilled in me by my mom. And I have two little helpers who were on point last night and have been on point today in helping around the house and helping to take care of their little sister. Now my mom is out running errands for me while I rest since I can feel some relief now. Maybe she will cook when she gets back! I may have to move her into my room! -S.L.M.



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