I was talking to my  mate this morning and he spoke words of comfort that got me through this day. The words were, “Don’t worry. We will get through this.” He, too, has been undergoing changes in the work field just as I have. My mate is much stronger than I am when it comes to the pressures of life. He can push them off just as fast as they hit him. I was telling him how things are going to be in bind financially with me switching jobs plus missed time from my old job due to the holidays. As a mother, that really has begun to worry me. I wanted a break from the worrying! I had been considering seeking a little relief from a little alcohol but every time that notion hits, something intervenes. God placed it on my heart that alcohol can make my issues seem nonexistent for a little while but once I sober up, the issues will be staring right in my face.  So I resorted to prayer and meditation instead.

On yesterday, I was talking about how it seemed that no one cared BUT GOD. When I woke up this morning, still a little irritated, my mate was telling me not to worry and all would be okay. It felt as though God was speaking to me through him. I felt a major piece of relief as I unfolded all of the demands that were on my plate to my mate. I felt an even bigger piece of relief as he assured we would climb this mountain together. I am so thankful that God sent that relief to me. With the way I have been feeling lately, I would have listened to a wino off of the streets if he offered some type of relief! We never know how God will send us help or how He will comfort us. But what we need to know is that when we call on Him, He will come to our rescue. As I push through this week, I am also pushing through the temptation of resorting to a quick fix of my issues and the temptation to lose focus. But I will continue to call on God and have faith that He will continue to work things out for my good. He comforted me through my mate this morning and I know that He will continue to do so as I remember His promises. I am His child and He doesn’t want me to falter. God is working it out. -S.L.M.



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